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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Immersive reality

At NAB 2017 one of the emerging trends was the M.E.T. effect, that is the symbioses among Media, Entertainment and Technology. In a way it is nothing new, these three “factors” have interplayed with one another for a hundred years now but it is probably just recently that the symbioses has …

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100 million pixels on a drone

DJI, possibly the most advanced and known producer of consumer drones, has showcased at NABShow in Las Vegas on April 27th, 2017, a combination of one of its most performant drone, DJI M600 Pro drone, with an Hasselblad H6D-100c.  The drone is powered by 6 rotors and the camera provides a …

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Through the millennia artists have leveraged on available tools to express their feelings and vision of the world. Earlier it was the scratching of cave walls with stones and shells, painting graffiti with minerals and herbs, making them shine by covering the paint with the white of the egg. Paint …

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The reshaping of construction industry

The construction industry is going to be reshaped in the next decade and the first signs are already visible today. There will be a number of “forces” steering this reshape, among them I would include the evolution in materials design and production, the physical construction of buildings and the embedding …

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Prosthetic intelligence

At TED 2017 Apple executive Tom Gruber (one of the guy behind Siri) gave an interesting talk pointing out that we should create artificial intelligent systems to make ourselves more intelligent and he made the prediction that humankind will become smarter thanks to a seamless interaction with artificial intelligence. Now …

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Nice to be in the FDC arms

I have been with IEEE for close to 30 years and yet I should confess that when I was asked to Chair the FDC back in 2012 I didn’t know anything about this committee. However, thanks to a great and supportive staff, it was really easy to become part of …

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Leveraging from paper cutting art

In September 2015 I posted a news on work done at the University of Michigan to create solar cells that could track the Sun. The tracking was made possible by the particular structure of the cell surface that got inspiration from Kirigami, the ancient art of paper cutting (Origami is …

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An army of robots to sort out packages

Last year, 2016, Hikrobotics, a subsidiary of Hikvision, made the headlines by showing (in action) a robot that can park cars. A car rolls over the robotic platform, the driver gets out of the car and the robotic platform takes over, parking the car among other cars with a precision …

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