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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Autonomous Systems in 2018

The FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative stems from the growing presence of autonomous systems in our daily life, from autonomous vacuum cleaners to drones, from self driving cars to robots in manufacturing. The evolution in this area will be both “invisible” and “spectacular”! There will be a smooth, almost imperceptible …

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The Husbands’ Pods

The news is not “new”, it was on newspapers a few months ago, but it came back to me as we are going from the Black Friday to the Cyber Monday. A shopping bonanza that is shifting from brick and mortar retail store to the cyberspace. It is about a …

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A darker Black Friday

Yesterday in many parts of the world it was “the Black Friday” with appealing sales of thousands of products. I guess parts of those products were not really good deals, just a convenient way to get rid of difficult to sell merchandise (particularly considering the short life cycle/shelf time of …

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Looking at “how” neurones connect

The number of tools at scientists disposal to look into the brain in their attempt to understand it keeps growing. Projects like “the Human Connectome” are trying to map all connections among the billions and billions of neurones and eventually they will succeed. However the mapping resulting from those projects …

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AI is hijacking my digital camera

I blogged on the evolution of digital photography under the pressure of AI. First the use of AI in post processing, then in facial recognition, more recently making tripods smarter. Now I stepped onto another Kickstarter project to industrialise a digital camera add on (it may fit onto the flash …

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Genetic therapy moves the first steps

Gene therapy is the holy grail of genetics. From the moment the code of life was discovered, and further more when the human genome was sequenced scientists have looked into ways of correcting and overcoming the effects of the 6,000 known diseases that are genetically based. Genetical modification can be …

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Communications for Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

Communications has reached an amazing sophistication, most of the Planet is now blanketed by communications infrastructures. Technology and standards have been the enabling forces. Till few decades ago the communications infrastructures were designed as conveyor pipes (wired and wireless) able to carry signals whose meaning was irrelevant from the point …

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