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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

… and so this is Christmas

I remember when Christmas also used to be a time for sending and receiving Christmas cards. It is less an less so. I do not have extensive statistics, although I remember at the turn of the century I ordered through my secretary some 500 Christmas Cards to send to acquaintances. Now …

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The Future of Jobs: 3D printer master

3D printing is no news, since we had 3D printing for several years now. What is new, and growing, is the application areas. Digital Industry, which we are working on at EIT Digital, or Industry 4.0 as it is known by many in Europe, will make pervasive use of 3D printing.  This …

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Smart Skin Patch

Researchers at North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a smart skin patch to monitor blood and release "thinning" drugs as needed. .We live thanks to a finely tuned balance that keeps our different tissues and organs work independently and as a whole system at the same time. Blood …

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The Future of Jobs – Body Part Maker

Significant progress have been made in organs transplant since the first kidney transplants back in 1950ies (I am not giving a specific date since it depends what you consider as "first": attempt, successful as surgery, successful over 5 years…). More recently researchers have been able to create artificial body parts, like trachea (windpipe) and jaw bone and …

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The Future of Jobs – Competition Producer

Technology keeps evolving and its impacts are felt not just in products and services but also in the way these products and services are produced.  Companies are leveraging on technology to become more effective and to create newer products and services at a faster pace and at lower cost. They are …

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Translating 140 billion words a day

Google has announced last month the development of a technology (architecture?) for a faster and cheaper translation of a language into another. Why would they want a cheaper translation approach for their on line service?  Well, fact is, their translation system is overwhelmed by requests: every day it translates some 140 billion …

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The future of Jobs – A new breed of workers

A quite famous photo was photoshopped to outline a future where people and robots will be working together. We have been “using” robots for several decades, over time they became more and more sophisticated and have moved from being tools into become a replacement for workers. The next step is to become …

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Directed Evolution

In the early 1990ies, that is in the last century!, Caltech chemical professor Frances Arnold (at that time a researcher) proposed a method to steer evolution, aptly called "directed evolution". Frances is the first woman to win the Millennium Technology Prize (2016). The idea was to mess up with Nature’s results and explore new ways …

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The future of jobs – Perspectives

According to an often quoted statement from Alan Greenspan, Fed Reserve Chairman till 2006, a student in the US likely would have 5 jobs in her lifetime, 4 of which have not been invented yet.  This refers to an address he gave to university students at the time he was in …

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