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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Graphene tattoo

In April 2016 I posted a news on South Korean researchers who created a graphene based patch to detect the sugar level in sweat. This is useful to people suffering from diabetes who need to check the sugar level in their blood. With the patch no more daily pricks are needed, …

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Checking on your voice

It is quite normal to hear a friend speaking and noticing something is wrong by the tone in her voice. We get a hint on our friend feeling blue or being in the pink. Sometimes it is straightforward to detect a cold or a sore throat. No wonder in this. …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – Renewable Energy II

Energy comes in different types, electrical, chemical, thermal, nuclear, movement… Each type has its own advantages related to transport, storage and usage. As an example, storing electrical energy is trickier than storing chemical energy. The density we can achieve with storage technologies is way lower for electrical than for chemical energy, …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – Renewable Energy I

The advance of technology is making renewable energy economically competitive to fossil fuels. Standard photovoltaic has now an efficiency exceeding 15%, crystalline silicon panels have reached 20% efficiency and in the labs the most advanced solutions have reached 25% (the record has reached in 2016 34.5% efficiency, close to the theoretical …

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Eventually … carbon nanotube memory

Carbon nanotubes have been around for awhile and their characteristics have prompted researchers to try using them for storing bits. They can be very densely packed, so supporting huge storage capacity, they are fast and require very little energy.  They seem an ideal replacement of flash memory. The quest for …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – Communications trends II

Telecommunications used to connect human beings. Then it started to connect computers and then human to computers. Now we are seeing more and more connected things, among themselves and with humans. At TTM 2016 an interesting panel discussed the future of IoT, Internet of Things. The first point touched upon …

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