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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Autonomous systems leveraging on 5G

Autonomous systems are a reality in a few areas, transportation and industrial manufacturing leading the pack, and in the next decade they will be expanding in number and in application areas. Healthcare, safety and home support are the ones that will be coming up fast in the next decade. Connectivity …

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Testing autonomous cars

Self driving cars are getting serious. There are already many cars that can drive autonomously, millions miles have actually been driven with no driver at the wheel. However, to become mainstream leaving the stage of prototype, industry has to win Government approval and a new set of regulations has to …

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5G leveraging on Smart Cities and viceversa

5G will require, to achieve the targeted high bandwidth a significant portion of the spectrum, in the order of 100+MHz. In turns this implies the use of much higher frequencies 20-100GHz to accommodate that spectrum (also given that lower frequencies are already assigned) and these higher frequencies have very low …

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Are flying cars around the corner?

Uber has just signed the agreement with NASA to cooperate in making flying cars (taxis in their case) a reality. The news has been taken by many newspaper and televisions around the world an this follows the announcement made few months ago in Dubai to prepare a taxi service that …

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Extending the life of cells … and humans

Just the other day I discussed the concept of longevity escape velocity, casting my doubts that we will reach that point, but also stating that scientists are now addressing the biological reason(s) why we get older and eventually die. In a paper published on the Proceedings of the National Academy …

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Longevity escape velocity

The myth of “being forever young” goes back as long as we can trace human history, but that does not make it anymore true, actually, having been pursued for so long with no effect might cast a serious doubt on the hope of fulfilling that desire. Yet, if we look …

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Look at the disruption a drone can cause!

Look at a drone, and then look at a commercial aircraft. There is no comparison! It is like comparing a mouse with an elephant, and then some more. Pliny the Elderly 2000 years ago claimed that elephants were afraid of mice, and more recent experiments seem to confirm that. At …

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