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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Transforming any ambient surface into a screen

Lightform, a California based start up, is planning to release this Summer (for those living in the North hemisphere…) an amazing device that can transform any surface in an ambient into a screen. The device has to be connected to a projector. As first step it sends to the projector …

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Exploiting sensors

Just two weeks ago I gave a lecture at the Turin Polytechnic on smart cities and I spent some time discussing sensors. I made the point that in the next decade we might see sensors becoming a global platform that can be used by a variety of applications. Today, sensors are …

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Nanowires to connect with the spinal cord nerves

Optogenetics, the technology and science looking at interaction with neurones and nerves, is a new area but it has already achieved in a short time amazing results in looking at brain neuronal circuits expanding our understanding of its structure and functions. Microscopic probes have been created to minimise damage to …

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Graphene as a sieve for desalination

We are thirsty. In a year we use some 4,000 cubic kilometres of fresh water, and overall we have plenty of fresh water on Earth (fresh but not necessarily clean, getting purified water in general needs processing). However, fresh water is not evenly distributed and most of it is in …

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Placing a video screen in our body

Medical imagining keeps making progress. It has improved dramatically in the last decades, thanks to new ways to look inside the body and the use of computers to make sense of the data captured. We are now able to look at cell level using markers that fluoresce when the cell …

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The artificial leaf gets a boost

Three years ago, time flies!, I wrote a post on a research carried out at MIT on a bionic leaf, a leaf that was modified with carbon nanotubes to increase its capacity to convert light into chemical energy. During these three years research has progressed in several research labs and …

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Brain to muscles interface

Brain Computer interfaces are now making the headlines of newspapers around the world. They hit the imagination making miracles possible. At the end of March the news of Bill Kockevar, a 53 year old man paralysed from his shoulders who lost control of his limbs after a bike accident, able …

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Let there be light!

Our small planet shines during the night with billions of lights. It is surely unique in our planetary system an indicator that the Earth is inhabited by a species that have achieved a technology stage enabling the biblical order: "let there be light". Interestingly, observing the Earth and its (our) …

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Another dream comes true

Have you ever dreamt of understanding foreign languages through some magic, invisible device that can whisper the translation in your ears? Dream no more. Technology has made this possible. We have got used to read Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Tagalog through our computer, using Google Translate. This is also available …

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