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So expensive, so amazingly cheap!

Just few days ago I bought an adaptor for my iPad. I needed to connect it to a television to show a presentation on a much bigger screen. It turns out that the adaptor from the lightning socket (on the iPad) to the HDMI socket (for the television) cost 59€. …

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When robots become chain-smokers

You would not expect a robot to smoke cigarettes, even less to become a chain-smoker.  And yet, this is what is happening at Harvard Wyss Institute.  Actually, the blame is on a research team that is using a robot to learn more on the effect of smoking on pulmonary diseases.  They have  …

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Love from above

Just two weeks ago I published a post on a new way of taking selfies by using a micro drone and I noted how drones are now fuelling a fast growing industry. Now I stumbled onto the news that there are many wedding photographers that have started to offer the recording of …

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My brain is unique, so is your

The idea that each brain is unique since it "codes" unique experiences is not new at all. What is new is that scientists now have been able to demonstrate it by showing that the local connectome is indeed unique for each brain, to the point that it can be used …

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A Photo enhancer with a brain

I am passionate about photos and I have been using quite a few software for my digital darkroom.  I started by creating a real darkroom over 40 years ago to process film and print photos. At the turn of the century I jumped on digital and never turned back.  Retouching, …

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The future of Medicine is bioelectronic….

Ever heard of "electroceuticals"? These are new devices that can be implanted in the body to interfere with the electrical activity to contain and even cure specific pathologies. It is bioelectronic medicine. GlaxoSmithKline, GSK, is working in this area and is convinced that they will steer the future of medicine in the …

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Mmmh, this chip tastes delicious!

We have been able to convert atoms into bits over the last fifty years, including air pressure waves (sound), photons (images) and molecules (chemical sensors). Work is progressing now to convert bits into atoms and also bits into electrical fields that can stimulate our senses to bring the bits to …

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Agbogbloshie: are you aware of this?

Agbogbloshie is probably the world largest eWast dump in the world (not a landfill, eWaste is simply dumped and not managed). It is located in Ghana, south of its capital city Accra. Agbogbloshie receives every year hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes of eWaste, courtesy of Europe and North America. People are …

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Flexible supercapacitors may replace today’s batteries

At the University of Central Florida researchers are working on a process to develop flexible supercapacitors that can eventually replace batteries in portable devices like a smartphone. The good thing about supercapacitors is that they can deliver instant power and can be charged in a blink of an eye (almost, let’s say …

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