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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Computers keep getting better … than us

Most experts are predicting that the coming of AGI, Artificial General Intelligence – the capability of computers to stand au pair with our intelligence, is about 20 years away. A few anticipate the date to the 2030, others are are pushing it further to the second part of this century. …

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The amazing pace of market innovation

I stumbled onto this interesting graphics as I was looking for Innovation Insights for a talk I will be giving at the end of January on Innovation. The graphics represent a collection of companies active in 2017 in the space (now that’s the right word, isn’t it?) of drones. You …

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Would you like a 400Mp camera?

Just as I got a new digital camera with a monster resolution of 45.7Mpixels (that is over 100 times the resolution of my very first digital camera, a Sony Mavica, back in 1997; the very first digital camera goes back to 1975 when Kodak took the first digital shot with …

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The rise of Digital Twins

Fifteen years ago at the Future Centre we worked on the idea of a “digital shadow”. We though that as bits were more and more able to “mirror” atoms we would see a growing creation of bit images, virtual images if you want, in the Cyberspace. Having a virtual image …

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Towards a sensors infrastructure

Sensors are becoming ubiquitous and they are being deployed by the thousands every day. Each of these sensors is able to detect a specific parameter of its surrounding and they are deployed with a specific goal in mind by an interested party. Although a city already has tens of thousands …

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Do you speak “robot”?

We are becoming used to talk to our gadget, Alexa, Siri… but is that really … talking? You ask for something: “how is the weather in Paris? what is the final score of the Metz? what can I watch on television this evening?” and you get an answer. Have you ever …

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Do we have virtual privacy in the virtual space?

As part of the human augmentation studies carried out in the IEEE FDC Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative consideration is being given to the sense of touch. We often underplay the relevance of our touch, considering it well below seeing and hearing, yet it is a very important sense (it would …

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Why, Why, Why? Yet, AI does not answer

There is something in our human nature that is pressing us to ask “why”. And that stems from the assumption, belief, that there is always a reason why. Once we acquire the idea of cause-effect, normally once we get 3 years old, we will never abandon it. Young kids keep …

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