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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Emergent beings

Just back from a meeting of the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative in New Brunswick, NJ, where we had some interesting discussions on the topic bordering on philosophy. Human beings have been characterised, to a certain extent, by the tools they made and used, to the point that historical epochs are …

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Digital Transformation – Soft Products

The Digital Transformation is affecting the way products are designed, manufactured, offered and used. The whole value chain is affected. Let’s see an example. Products are becoming more and more softwarized. Inside your digital camera -to take a familiar product-, and even inside its lens, you have plenty of software. …

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Holographic beamforming for 5G

As we have reached the Shannon limit in terms of squeezing bits in a single Hz researchers are looking at circumventing that limit by using several parallel “channels”.  This is what happens with MIMO, Multiple Input Multiple Output. The radio signal is generated from and received by multiple antennas (this …

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Deep Brain Stimulation

It is well known that electrical fields affect the working of the brain, by interfering with the electrical fields generated by the neurones. Scientists have proved over and over that stimulating specific area of the brain leads to a change in the behaviour. Advances have been made in deep brain …

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My PetaByte Car

Just few days ago Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in an interview with Bloomberg confirmed the interest of Apple in the evolution of cars, that will follow in parallel three directions: autonomous driving, electric power, and ride-handling. Although he didn’t say what Apple is planning it is clear that they look …

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