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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

From “Using” to “Not Using”

The International Telecommunication Union has published the ICT Facts and Figures 2016, an interesting snapshot on where we stand, as a World, in relation to telecommunications infrastructures and use. As you can expect we have moved forward toward more penetration of mobile, better access to internet and so on. What surprised me …

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First 8k broadcasting transmission

NHK, the Japanese broadcasting company, has announced the first transmission of television signals in 8k resolution. This comes just few weeks after RED announced the new Helium sensor and after LG and Sharp showcased their 8k televisions (at a prohibitive price). The transmission of the 8k signal is taking place over a satellite link and …

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Could 5G be (4+1)G?

I pointed out in previous posts that 5G is not to be seen as a (4+1)G, in the same way that 4G was a (3+1)G … The fact is that as we moved from nG to (n+1)G we radically changed the modulation scheme of the radio signal and that led …

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3D movie vision without 3D glasses

Our two eyes provide our brain with images slightly spaced from one another and that provides the brain with visual clues sufficient to create a 3D representation of what is “out there”.  The light and the shadows are very important clues as well. When we look at a photo printed …

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Looking at the brain at molecular scale

At MIT researchers have discovered a new technique to look at the brain at a molecular scale, hence with a higher resolution than “just” looking at neurons. At the same time this technique can highlight the connections among neurons, thus providing at the same  time views at different scales. The technique, called …

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Getting to know our brain better and better

The Human Connectome project is making ways in identifying the connectivity paths in our brain. Most recently it has released the most accurate brain map ever, so far. New technologies are making possible to create unprecedented images of the brain, however its complexity is challenging the very idea of "mapping". For almost 200 …

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Real time 3D mapping with Drones

Lockheed Martin has announced Hydra Fusion, a software that allows real time 3D mapping using video streams from both stationary and mobile cameras. It has been designed principally to convert video streams captured by a drone (although it can also leverage on combined video streams generated by several drones) into a …

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Artichokes grow better with Open Software!

A US start, FarmBot, has open up funding request for 100,000$ to build a farming kit one can use in his own backyard, on a roof or on a terrace.  The kit, called Genesis, is an autonomous robot that can be programmed using open software, to design, create and maintain your …

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