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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

There’s more than Teddy Bears ….

Just last week I reported on a nice Teddy Bear (a Teddy Elephant, actually) developed by "Politecnico di Milano" to listen to a kid and help an analyst to get better insight on the kid situation and his evolution as result of the therapy.  I pointed out that this kind …

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Understanding proteins’ 3D structures

Proteins are fundamental to life on our Planet, and are also crucial in our wellbeing (and that goes as well for all life on Earth). Proteins interact in ways that are dependant on their "shape": contrary to what it would be normally expected their properties are not a consequence of …

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Fluid Intelligence

As I have been talking about progress in artificial intelligence in the previous posts (and I will further discuss AI in tomorrow’s post) it seems appropriate to report a news coming from Northwestern University where a team of researchers have built an AI system showing “fluid” intelligence. They have created …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – Artificial Intelligence I

Artificial Intelligence, "in practice", goes back to the early days of computers. In the 1960ies the computer was called "electronic brain" underlining the idea that it will become like a brain. We have seen over the last fifty years periods of excitement followed by disillusionment. The achievement of intelligence proved …

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