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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Different ways of having a smart brain

In English having a "bird brain" is not a compliment. Bird brains are small and since the usual understanding is that size matters having a small brain is not good. As a matter of fact scientists have been puzzled by noticing that some birds, in spite of their small brains, …

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Symbiotic Machines

At the Future Direction Committee we discussed what we should be looking at in the coming years. There were several proposals. I presented one on Symbiotic Machines. The first idea of Symbiotic Machines goes back to one of the grandfather of Internet, JCR Licklider who in 1960 published a famous …

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Placing supercapacitors in a chip

Supercapacitors are usually bulky devices that can store significant amount of energy, like a capacitor but with higher capacity… somewhere between 10 to 100 times more than a capacitor (but less than a chemical battery). This capacity would turn out handy for powering chips (that require much less power than …

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Conquering AI through sheer processing power

A company, KnuEdge, has been working in the shade over the last 10 years with the goal of creating systems that can crack intelligence by leveraging on tremedous processing power. The company has been founded by Daniel Golding, former NASA Director, has already raised 100M$ and has now announced two products:  KnuVerse, a chip that …

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Did you ever misplace a book?

I have hundreds, thousands probably, of books spread in various rooms at home, in other vacation homes and even in my garage where they end up when overflowing from other spaces. And more than once I found myself looking for a book with no idea where I could have possibly (mis)placed it. …

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The tangled web of messages

In 2015, 205 billions emails were sent/received per day on average (sometimes I have the feeling of getting most of them) and this number is estimated to grow by 3% per year over the next 5 years leading to 246 billion emails per day by the end of this decade. There are 2.6 …

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Building the Human Genome from scratch

Over the past 20 years the progress in reading the genome have been amazing, progressing at a faster pace than Moore’s law. Moore’s law has been at the core of the progress but in the case of sequencing the genome it is possible to use parallel processing (using molecular computing) and …

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Are we ready for Mixed Reality?

Technology evolution in the area of interfaces, from screen to micro-projector to bio-interfaces that might, eventually, couple our brain with data, is leading us towards a new space that we have never been used to. Mind you. It is not a "first". Not long time ago "television" invaded the homes …

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Artificial muscles for robots

Creating robots that are safe to mingle with is still a challenge. As long as they are made of steel, or hard material, there is the chance that we clash with one of their movement harming ourselves. This does not happen when we bump into another human being (in normal …

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