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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Looking ahead to 2050 – Artificial Intelligence I

Artificial Intelligence, "in practice", goes back to the early days of computers. In the 1960ies the computer was called "electronic brain" underlining the idea that it will become like a brain. We have seen over the last fifty years periods of excitement followed by disillusionment. The achievement of intelligence proved …

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Watch out, the Teddy Bear is watching you

The progress in signal processing, applied to both image processing and voice analyses,  has reached a point where it is possible to detect emotions (or lack thereof) and this possibility opens the door to a variety of (good) applications as well as raising some perplexities. As an example, I was …

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Looking ahead to 2050 – Autonomous vehicles II

It is likely that autonomous vehicles will first succeed in the commercial vehicle arena. Aircrafts are already "almost" autonomous vehicles under the pressure of decreasing fuel consumption and increasing safety. Trucks platoons are also being pursued to decrease fuel consumption (less drag) and cost of drivers. Uber is interested in …

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Innovating the Future, not the Past

Lately I had the opportunity of looking at some proposals in the Horizon 2020 framework, but similar issues have come up in considering some proposals in other context. The aim of those programs is clear: build the future through innovation. What happens, often, is that the proponents look at what …

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Graphene tattoo

In April 2016 I posted a news on South Korean researchers who created a graphene based patch to detect the sugar level in sweat. This is useful to people suffering from diabetes who need to check the sugar level in their blood. With the patch no more daily pricks are needed, …

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