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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Sorting out at nanoscale

When we pick up an object it may feel smooth, sticky and if we are observing its properties with an instrument we might discover it has magnetic properties, it may be an insulator or a conductor and so on. These characteristics are the result of the trillions of atoms composing …

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Hei Olli, why did you break?

Local Motors made the headlines when it created the first 3D printed car. Now it is back with Olli, a self driving car that has started operation in Washington DC, Miami Dade-County and Las Vegas. To be a self driving car is a good recipe to attract attention but in …

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From semimetal to semiconductor

The quest for graphene has been on for several years now. We have been able to develop small quantities of graphene, study its properties and understand that this material (a single layer of carbon atoms) can prove amazingly useful in many areas, from micro sensors detecting any kind of molecules and …

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