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Welcome to the IEEE Future Directions Tech Blog.

Towards a Bionic Eye

Progress towards fixing eye problems and eventually augmenting the eye and sight capabilities, including the possibility of “seeing” bits, are on the way in many research centres through the use of different technologies, each one progressing its own way and all converging into delivering new solutions. Let’s look at a …

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I’ve got a feeling

A collaboration among researchers at Stanford and Seoul National University has resulted in the creation of an artificial sensory nerve. A sensory nerve is a complex entity, part of the somatosensory system, that is able to integrate different physical stimuli into a tactile information. Our sense of touch generate data …

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Self driving vehicles: a disruption in the making IX

As final consideration in this exploration of autonomus systems impact in the coming decade one can wonder if having surface moving platform is the only solution or if an alternative one may become feasible and more attractive. Let’s cosider moving flying platforms. Autonomous flying vehicles are already being experimented and …

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Shall robots pay taxes?

Robots are becoming a growing population on the planet. According to the IFR report 2017 (International Federation of Robotics, issued in 2018) there is an increased growth, and demand for, cobots, collaborative robots and there are signs of demand for symbiotic collaboration between robots and humans. 74% of robots are …

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Shall I tip the robot?

Robots are entering the Chinese restaurant scene. Robot-waiters, robot-cooks, robot-cleaners have made their appearance in China restaurants and several signs seem to indicate that they are there to stay. In Kushan city, watch the clip, there is a robot welcoming you and taking you to your seat, another will promptly …

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Self driving vehicles: a disruption in the making VI

New vehicles will be driving in a different context, performing different tasks, hence it wouldn’t be surprising to imagine quite different sort of vehicles, more like container ships than the cars we are used to today.  The push towards the standardization of the moving platforms makes economic sense. These will …

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Engineered bacteria for a “gut” feeling

We are seeing the first signs of what the future two decades will be: the convergence of bioengineering with electronics  and the shift from curative medicine to proactive health care. Researchers at MIT have created an ingestible sensors by transforming bacteria into detectors of specific molecules that can signal their …

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