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Choices Regarding Designs Today Will Impact Our Shared Future Tomorrow
By Dr. David A Bray

In early December 2016 the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) released version one of its document entitled Ethically Aligned Design focused on artificial intelligence and autonomous systems.

Produced by an impressive group of positive #ChangeAgents all working under the larger umbrella of The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, this living document provides initial recommendations for considering how the designs of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems (AI/AS) may impact the lives of humans in ways both intended and unintended. Additional updates to the document are expected in 2017 and beyond.

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Understanding the Societal Impact of Autonomous Technologies
By Raj Madhavan

Autonomous technologies have a bit of a Hollywood problem.

Movies and television shows have made it quite easy to talk about autonomous technologies such as robots, self-driving cars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Hollywood has turned the topic into a dependable conversation starter in schools, in boardrooms, at dinner parties, etc., and that’s definitely a good, helpful thing for researchers in the space.

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