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More than Cryptocurrency, blockchain is a technological foundation to a new way of conducting transactions, securing networks, and recording the validity and origin of data. Blockchain will allow a new perspective on how humans interact to society’s challenges; touching upon everything from financial transactions, energy trading, carbon emission trading, protection and easy access to healthcare records, to the protection of the valued assets of corporations and nation states.
This initiative is dedicated to advancing technologies that improve the understanding of brain function, revolutionizing current abilities to reverse engineer neural circuits in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, and developing new approaches to interface the brain with machines for augmenting human-machine interaction and mitigating effects of neurological disease and injury.

The IEEE Digital Reality Initiative will serve as the go-to platform at the forefront blend of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), 360-degree media, immersive, and other future potential reality technology spaces.
The IEEE Future Networks Initiative (formerly the IEEE 5G Initiative) is dedicated to bringing together researchers, scientists, and engineers from industry, academia, and governments around the world to solve the challenges associated with the development and deployment of 5G and future network technologies. The IEEE Future Networks initiative will be a collaborative effort, bringing interdisciplinary exchange from a wide range of professional expertise and practical application knowledge.


IEEE seeks to rethink the computer, “from soup to nuts,” including all aspects from device to user interface. This group works from a holistic viewpoint, taking into account evolutionary and revolutionary approaches.

Leveraging on IEEE Societies and ongoing work in the area of autonomous systems all over the world, the initiative aims to foster the transition to a symbiotic relation among autonomous systems.

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