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What about 7G?

Two days ago I published a post predicting that 6G will become reality around 2035, meaning that people will really start using it. Of course I am expecting labs demo and trials well before that, like it happened in the previous Gs and it is happening now with 5G. Yet, …

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6G just got 250M€

In April 2018 I posted a blog on Vision 2030 created by the University of Oulu, Finland that was starting to look beyond 5G (even before 5G goes to market!). On that blog I attached a clip that was describing their vision, I am attaching it here again for your …

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A growing need for “Long Data”

We are quite familiar with Big Data and we are also quite familiar with Huge Data. The latter are the ones being generated and used every single moment by all of us (posting that picture on Instagram, watching that clip on YouTube….) with the former being the exploitation of that …

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5G is old stuff, let’s look at 6G!

As marketeers are busy extolling the virtues of 5G as the ultimate wireless system filling all of your needs and all of your dreams (and Operators are busy deploying and upgrading 4G!)  a few people are already looking at a new generation aiming at “filling the gaps between 5G promises …

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2Gbps on LTE (4G)

Marketing is hard at work to send the message that you can’t live without 1Gbps mobile connectivity, that is why 5G is really needed. As you are wondering if that is really the case Qualcomm has announced the availability of the Snapdragon X24 chip that can sustain 2Gbps on LTE …

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Let’s start talking about 6G!

What?! 5G is not year yet and I am proposing to start talking about 6G? Well, as an excuse, let me say that I am not the only one, and talking about 6G is a way to demystify 5G. It may also be appropriate to point out that someone believes …

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