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Using AI to explore drugs side effect

Discovering the possible side effects of a drug is a complex matter, requiring many extended clinical studies that last many years and cost a lot of effort (and money). This complexity gets multiplied when one wants to consider the side effects deriving from the use of two (or more) drugs. …

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Machine/Human Integrated Learning Technologies II

Learning technologies have been focussing on human beings and how to improve human learning. Significant advances have been made in the last decades leveraging computer and internet power compounded with the availability of more and more flexible, and ubiquitous, devices. This evolution will continue as more understanding on learning processes …

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AI can slow you down

Artificial Intelligence is usually associated with improving performances, with “faster”. Well, here is an application of AI to slow things down! NVIDIA researchers have used AI to transform a standard video into a slow motion one, preserving its quality (watch the clip). Of course, one could in principle have the …

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Awareness, Intention, Sentiment technologies in SAS – II

Context Awareness A first area of awareness technologies relates to Context Awareness. Sensors embedded in the artefact, able to detect the shape of the environment, its characteristics and of its various components, are becoming more sensitive, performant and affordable. Smart materials (like sensitive skin for robots) will be playing an …

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AI bests the best human biochemist

Every day petabytes of medical images are created around the world. Biochemists, radiologists and doctors are looking at these images to detect what “might” be wrong. Researchers are looking at this trying to find ways for automating the process. Image recognition by computers has been the holy grail of artificial …

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Mind uploading vs Mind Virtualisation I

Mind uploading, i.e. the possibility to transfer all memories, thoughts and feelings from a person’s brain to a computer, has been the realm of science fiction[1]till few years ago. The development of technologies that allow the monitoring of the brain as it “works” have moved the field from science fiction …

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