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AI Renaissance?

Artificial Intelligence has seen a number of cycles of enthusiasm followed by disillusion, with a major peak in interest in the sixties and a major trough in the eighties. Since the turn of the century interest in AI has kept growing fuelled by an approach that leverages on massive data …

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Augmented … Chickens

Humans have changed their ecosystem in many ways, we see signs everywhere and yet we are so used to the here and now that we don’t even notice the profound changes we made. Take chickens, as a point in case. I remember some 30 years ago I went to Cuba …

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Robots apply for janitor jobs, and are hired!

Walmart announced the hiring of 360 janitors for its stores in US. This makes the news because the janitors are not human beings, rather robots endowed with artificial intelligence. Indeed, these will be smart robots. They will sweep the floor and will also collect data as they move along the …

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AI for protein folding

Proteins are a crucial component of our body. It is always difficult to make rankings but if you want a ranking I would say that proteins make the number 1 place in terms of importance. A protein consist of long sequence of amino acids,  there are 20 different of them …

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Self, selves and emerging self -V

Selves and Emerging super self We are clearly moving towards mixed teams, humans and machines operating hand in hand, learning from each other. The relation may become as spontaneous as the one experienced today in human teams (I am using the term “team” in a broad sense, including an aggregation …

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Artificial (Intelligence) Creativity

We, humans, have the capability of creating, imagining, inventing something out of the blue, or so we like to think. Computers can only do what they have been programmed to do. Yet, when neurologists look at the human brain, using advanced monitoring technologies, they tell us a different story, as …

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