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An antenna for the brain

Wireless communications is about translating an electrical signal flowing in a wire into an electromagnetic signal that can travel through the air. This is done using an antenna. Of course it has to be done twice, once to convert the electrical signal into an electromagnetic wave propagating in the air …

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Can we have a digital twin?

Digital twins, a name created by General Electric to identify the digital copy of an engine manufactured in their factories, are now a reality in a number of industries. They can be almost “identical” to the real thing, like in the case of General Electric engines and some modern keys …

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Tech for Autonomous Systems – Advanced Interaction Capabilities VII

Augmented Humans Technologies Humans have benefitted from several augmentation technologies over the centuries, from tools to increase their manipulation capabilities and their strength to devices to extend their senses, like microscopes and loudspeakers. This progress continues by providing augmentation that is more effective and that is becoming seamless, invisible and …

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Human in the loop

Exoskeletons have been around for quite a while, originally aimed at augmenting soldiers capability (decreasing fatigue and helping in carrying heavy loads) and then progressively used to help patient with walking deficit, paralyses and during the rehab. Current exoskeletons are good but not as much as designers would have thought: …

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Emergent beings – IV

Augmented humans, Humans 2.0 and Transhumanism are sometimes used interchangeably, however The SAS initiative takes the view of a progression where the first step is leading to augmenting the physical abilities of a person (imagine having a wavelength converter embedded in the eye that let that person to see in …

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