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Nanomagnetism may be just around the corner

Storage technologies, along with processing and communications technologies, have been the engine of evolution in these last sixty years. The more storage we have and the more storage we need. However, it is not just about “quantity”. As a matter of fact we have now so much storage in use …

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5G is old stuff, let’s look at 6G!

As marketeers are busy extolling the virtues of 5G as the ultimate wireless system filling all of your needs and all of your dreams (and Operators are busy deploying and upgrading 4G!)  a few people are already looking at a new generation aiming at “filling the gaps between 5G promises …

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Some nasty sort of autonomous systems

Back in 1947 Einstein said something like “the fourth world war will be fought by throwing rocks” (there are a few different quotes attributed to Einstein on this point and no consensus on the precise wording he used). The point he made is that a third world war would be …

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