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Humans not needed …Inflection point?

A Google team has published a paper on Nature describing the new generation of AlphaGo. Well, the very name of the new generation is significant: AlphaGo Zero.  One would have expected that the new generation would have been named “Old + 1”, yet they decided to start from scratch and …

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Farming, it’s a robot job!

For most of our human history agriculture has provided the most of employment. Depending on the Country over half, and up to two third, of the population was farming. This started to change with the development of commerce in the XVII century and changed even more with the Industrial Revolution …

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Autonomous systems on the rise.

I have been discussing for quite a bit now the technologies that are making autonomous systems possible. Indeed, the forecast is towards an increase of their presence in the next decade. Artificial Intelligence is at the core of autonomous systems. It will permeate them in different degrees, the more autonomous …

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Tech for Autonomous Systems – Advanced Interaction Capabilities III

Actuators technologies Movement, and its subsets of exercising pressure, shifting weight and balance, have been accomplished through mechanical systems usually controlled by electronics. There are linear and rotary actuators, some using purely mechanical means others a mixture of mechanical and fluid power. Micro movements have become possible using micro-electromechanical systems. …

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4D digital camera for robotic vision

Researchers at Stanford Computational Imaging Lab have developed a 4D camera to help autonomous vehicles and more generally robots to assess their environment. The 4D refers to the fact that the system is able to capture an image (2D) creating various focus planes (3D) using light field technology and providing …

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