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Looking at the Future through the Past

I run into an article on The Economist that caught my attention. I was actually looking at the kind of global progress we have experienced as mankind in our history and it is good to see that we have made incredible progress in many areas, life expectancy and wellbeing, education, …

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Digital Transformation

Yesterday I gave a talk at Zain on the ongoing Digital Transformation and today I am talking at the Bahrain Technology Week on Innovation in the Digital Transformation era. The Digital Transformation started a few decades ago with the entrance of computers in products and services value chains and in …

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Digital Transformation – Soft Products

The Digital Transformation is affecting the way products are designed, manufactured, offered and used. The whole value chain is affected. Let’s see an example. Products are becoming more and more softwarized. Inside your digital camera -to take a familiar product-, and even inside its lens, you have plenty of software. …

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