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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body II

Human augmentation is a form of evolution that our species has taken in its own hands and it is not going to be stopped. Eventually it might end up in the creation of a new species through bio-engineering that modifies the genome. We are still far from that although the …

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I’ve got a feeling

A collaboration among researchers at Stanford and Seoul National University has resulted in the creation of an artificial sensory nerve. A sensory nerve is a complex entity, part of the somatosensory system, that is able to integrate different physical stimuli into a tactile information. Our sense of touch generate data …

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Stroke rehab leveraging on sensors data

Following up on yesterday’s post on the quantified self, a news on application of smart sensors to fine tune the rehab process following a stroke. At Northwestern University researchers have developed a stretchable sensor that can be used as a band-aid on the body of a patient to detect health …

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Getting 5G in your sweater

5G is going to be a sort of umbrella connecting a variety of things using different frequencies and different protocols. IoT will be part of the 5G “ecosystems” and the evolution of materials and production processes promises to extend the range of objects that can be IoT, by embedding electronics, …

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