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The future of Health Care is tied to AI and big data

The future of Health care, broadly speaking, is progressing along two directions: better understanding of the single individual and leveraging data from a multitude of individuals. Both are fuelled by increasing capability of “seeing” what is going on -that includes the genome sequencing-, thanks to better sensors and harvesting capabilities …

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Jumping into the void: Vitrifixation

In the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative we are looking at human augmentation technologies, including the ones that are at an early experimental stage but might become impactful in the coming decades. Among these we are looking at development in brain to computer interactions, digital twins, artificial intelligence and distributed / …

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Did you get your genome sequenced for Christmas?

Indeed, did you receive as Christmas present the kit for sequencing your genome? May be not, but many thousands of people did. And this is amazing! There are several companies that are offering private people the possibility of sequencing their genome (23andMe, Omegabioservice, Illumina, Cegat, OriGene, Eurofins Genomics, AncestryDNA, …) …

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Can we have a digital twin?

Digital twins, a name created by General Electric to identify the digital copy of an engine manufactured in their factories, are now a reality in a number of industries. They can be almost “identical” to the real thing, like in the case of General Electric engines and some modern keys …

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Health Care leveraging on 5G

In the healthcare area we are seeing a growing attention to prevention on one side and to customisation on the other. Both are leveraging on monitoring possibilities offered by ambient sensors (videocameras, smartphones), wearables (bracelets, smartwatches), contact sensors (contact lenses, patches) and embedded (under skin, injectable). In terms of customisation …

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