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Autonomous robot-bees on the horizon

This is a nice news, at least that’s how I see it, because it points out that the world we live in is amazingly complex in its simplicity. You see meadows and buzzing bees and that’s it. No reason to give a second thoughts about that. Yet, that is a …

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Do we need Artificial Intelligence for shopping?

Looking at my wife I would most definitely say there is no need for getting “shopping help”. Yet, there seems to be many companies working on providing a variety of shopping help, researchers working on improving the effectiveness of these helps and observers betting on a growing role of Artificial …

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See and Spray Technology

John Deere, one of the largest maker of agricultural machines, was criticised in the last years for the introduction of technologies in their agricultural machines because the farmers could no longer fix problems by themselves, as they have always used to do, but had to call in specialised assistance. Now …

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Hiding in plain sight

Seeing is straightforward. You just need to take a look and your eyes will report to your brain what’s “outside”. Actually, it is a tad more complicated that this. If you have look at the photo you have probably identified something green that looks like a toothbrush but you might …

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A chip that “sees”

    The digital image sensors that we have in our smart phones and digital cameras capture photons and sends the data about each of their pixels with a string of digits expressing the luminosity and colour. The sensor does not know if a pixel is related to a house …

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