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Lass’ Law is knocking at the door

Our economy has grown and has been transformed by 60 years of Moore’s Law, bringing electronics in any path of life. Moore’s Law has now reached its endpoint (although progress in computation capabilities are still continuing, not a the previous pace and, most importantly, not with the cost decrease we …

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The rise of Chatboxes

I know that probably I am talking a little too much about Artificial Intelligence, the fact is that I am overwhelmed by news involving Artificial Intelligence. This one is about a chatbox that is better than us in social behaviour, and area that -by definition- should be our own turf! …

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Smart material for a smart chair

We are seeing significant progress in material science, with scientists and researchers becoming able to design a material based on the desired properties. Some of these properties may include sensing and adaptation, change in flexibility and shape.  Some of this goes under the name of 4D printing, the possibility to …

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