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Smart material for a smart chair

We are seeing significant progress in material science, with scientists and researchers becoming able to design a material based on the desired properties. Some of these properties may include sensing and adaptation, change in flexibility and shape.  Some of this goes under the name of 4D printing, the possibility to …

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A digital camera needing Industry 4.0

I just read a review of L16, the digital camera that according to its producer would have been a game changer. I have the L16 under my sight since it was announced, back in 2015. The producer, Light, claimed, and they still do, to have a game changer in the …

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The Husbands’ Pods

The news is not “new”, it was on newspapers a few months ago, but it came back to me as we are going from the Black Friday to the Cyber Monday. A shopping bonanza that is shifting from brick and mortar retail store to the cyberspace. It is about a …

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Digital Transformation

Yesterday I gave a talk at Zain on the ongoing Digital Transformation and today I am talking at the Bahrain Technology Week on Innovation in the Digital Transformation era. The Digital Transformation started a few decades ago with the entrance of computers in products and services value chains and in …

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Industry 4.0 leveraging on 5G

I have heard quite a few times, often from Operators, that the Industry 4.0 absolutely needs 5G and I saw them explaining that it needs higher speed (capacity) and lower latency.  Now I do not say that this is wrong but I do not see it as a real driver …

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