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Will there be a Valentine day for robots?

In most part of the world people are celebrating Valentine day with their … Valentine. As I am getting ready to discuss with several colleagues at the Future Direction Committee meeting the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems initiative I couldn’t help to wonder if this day could also be a day (in …

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Towards Humans 2.0 – II

I described our evolution as human species as a result of our ability to develop and use ever more effective (and sometimes) complex tools. Of course this goes both ways. One can rightly say that it is our evolution that has led to the capability of creating better tools. The …

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Material Robotics: morphing a robot into a shoe

Robots have evolved significantly, thanks to technology progress, and are now coming in a variety of shapes, from the iconic one -anthropomorphic robots- to autonomous ships, underground trains, manufacturing robots and even vacuum cleaners. As technology will progress further they will keep taking even more shapes, from micro to macro. …

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3D printing a complete circuit

For a few years now, researchers have been able to use 3D printing for printing electronic circuits components. These components could then be assembled to create an electronic device. Now in an article on Wiley Online Library a team of researchers at the University of Nottingham are describing an innovative …

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Farming, it’s a robot job!

For most of our human history agriculture has provided the most of employment. Depending on the Country over half, and up to two third, of the population was farming. This started to change with the development of commerce in the XVII century and changed even more with the Industrial Revolution …

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Lending your brain to a robot

Leonardo (daVinci) is a robot that has been in use for quite a while allowing surgeons to perform operations that go beyond their “physical” capability. With Leonardo a surgeon can make incisions at the sub mm level, suture capillaries and so on. This feat is made possible on the one hand …

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