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Robots are learning to foresee the future

Although we may seldom realise it, whenever we are mulling over a decision we are actually imagining what would be the consequences of our action, and some time we do this visually, like seeing with our mind’s eye the movement of an object and its path leading to hitting another …

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From Smart to Intelligent Cities – Part III

Citizens are “autonomous systems” and the question, or if you want the “challenge”, is how can a city planner leverage on these autonomous systems to create an intelligent symbiotic organisms where intelligence emerges as result of its components interactions? Notice that even though citizens are (at least sometimes) showing an …

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The evolution of … Machines

The Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative has completed its first WhitePaper (it will become available through the SAS website by the middle of November once the cleaning up is complete). It is an interesting document and in its concluding remarks it shows the possible, expected, evolution of machines towards awareness over …

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Industry 4.0 leveraging on 5G

I have heard quite a few times, often from Operators, that the Industry 4.0 absolutely needs 5G and I saw them explaining that it needs higher speed (capacity) and lower latency.  Now I do not say that this is wrong but I do not see it as a real driver …

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Canon is moving manufacturing back to Japan

In a recent announcement Canon indicated the plan to build a manufacturing plant for its single lens reflex digital camera in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. This is the first plant being built by Canon in Japan since 2010. Since then Canon moved its manufacturing to low labour cost Countries, like …

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Successful technology is invisible

Long time ago, back in 1995, Steve Jobs in an interview stated that “great technology is invisible“. Indeed, whilst advanced technology in its first step is indistinguishable from magic, and as such it draws “wows” and attention, as it matures and becomes widespread it is no longer noticed. Today we …

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