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Engineered bacteria for a “gut” feeling

We are seeing the first signs of what the future two decades will be: the convergence of bioengineering with electronics  and the shift from curative medicine to proactive health care. Researchers at MIT have created an ingestible sensors by transforming bacteria into detectors of specific molecules that can signal their …

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The quest for organs re-generation

An aspect of human augmentation being considered in the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative (see the first White Paper) is the possibility to re-generate organs. Our organs get older, as we get older (actually some say that we get older because our organs age…), and their performance decreases. By substituting a …

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Awareness, Intention, Sentiment technologies in SAS – II

Context Awareness A first area of awareness technologies relates to Context Awareness. Sensors embedded in the artefact, able to detect the shape of the environment, its characteristics and of its various components, are becoming more sensitive, performant and affordable. Smart materials (like sensitive skin for robots) will be playing an …

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Brainternet: a peek into the future?

Back in 2017, that’s long time ago!, a university project Brainternet, made the headlines of several news. The project was (and still is) carried out at the Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa, and by leveraging on portable (wearable) EEG harvested the signals resulting from the electrical activity of the brain …

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