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Brain and computer learning together

Brain Computer Interfaces work at two levels, hard and soft. Each one fuels the other and both are needed to establish an effective communications. The hard part captures the electrical activity of neurones, the soft part interprets this activity to derive the meaning. Getting more accurate and selective data on …

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The future of Health Care is tied to AI and big data

The future of Health care, broadly speaking, is progressing along two directions: better understanding of the single individual and leveraging data from a multitude of individuals. Both are fuelled by increasing capability of “seeing” what is going on -that includes the genome sequencing-, thanks to better sensors and harvesting capabilities …

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Untethered! Now the robot can take a walk

Atlas, a humanoid robot 1.5 m tall, made the headlines in 2013 as one of the most advanced humanoid robot ever developed. It weighted 75kg, could carry 11kg of groceries (or anything else!), had a stereo vision (using Lidar) and 28 joints providing flexibility in its movement and the capability …

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Beyond the Turing test

The Turing test was proposed to evaluate if a human can not distinguish the (written) interaction between a human and a machine. You type something and you get your reply. And you go on trying to find out who is actually answering your messages? Another human or a computer? The …

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Jumping into the void: Vitrifixation

In the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative we are looking at human augmentation technologies, including the ones that are at an early experimental stage but might become impactful in the coming decades. Among these we are looking at development in brain to computer interactions, digital twins, artificial intelligence and distributed / …

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5G is old stuff, let’s look at 6G!

As marketeers are busy extolling the virtues of 5G as the ultimate wireless system filling all of your needs and all of your dreams (and Operators are busy deploying and upgrading 4G!)  a few people are already looking at a new generation aiming at “filling the gaps between 5G promises …

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