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The IEEE Fort Worth PES Chapter meets on the second or third Tuesday of the month. Location is temporarily located at Oncor’s West Distribution Operation Center or “WDOC”:
1201 S Sylvania Ave Fort Worth, Texas 76111

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Date: April 16th 2019

Time: 11:30AM to 1:00PM

Serving of meal begins at 11:30am
Presentation begins at 11:50am

Location: Oncor’s West Distribution Operation Center

1201 S Sylvania Ave Fort Worth, Texas 76111

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Earl Kirkpatrickof ELK Engineering


Substation Grounding Design


Proper design of a grounding grid design is quite complex. There are a number of proprietary computer programs on the market that takes the drudgery out of the computations. But, the designer must be smarter than the computer. This paper presents a case study where a very unsafe customer owned substation grid was “designed” by plugging assumed values into such a program. In this case study we modeled a safe composite grid using realistic data based upon actual field measurements plus many tools and techniques developed during six decades of industry experience.