Student Contests

In 2017 the IEEE German EMC Chapter is starting a new initiative involving students at the graduate and undergraduate level. Student contests are organized by Dr. Mathias Magdowski from the OvG-Universität Magdeburg and will be held once a year. Students are encouraged to take part and learn how to tackle “minor” EMC issues. The best two submission will be officially recognized by the IEEE German EMC Chapter.

For details of the 2017 edition have a look into the flyer!

Student Contest 2017

Derive and verify an approximate equivalent circuit of a commercial power line filter based on measured frequency responses and submit your report using an IEEE publication template!

General Instructions

Measured Data

Photographs of the Measurement Setup with the Impedance Analyzer


Top View

Bottom View

Update from October 2017:

Due to some requests, we have also measured the DC properties of the filter using a milliohmmeter and obtained the following values.

Differential-mode input resistance
– at the mains side with open-circuited load side: 665 kOhm
– at the mains side with short-circuited load side: 63,6 mOhm
– at the load side with open-circuited mains side: 665 kOhm
– at the load side with short-circuited mains side: 67,3 mOhm
Common mode resistance between mains and load side: 26,2 mOhm

Photographs of the Measurement Setup with the Milliohmmeter