IEEE GMS Quarterly Newsletter: 2014Q1


1.  Professional Development
2.  Student Activities
3.  STEM Activities
4. Community Outreach
5. Blog

1. Professional Development

1.2. April 2, 2014: IEEE PELS Webinar Series:
Understanding Mosfet Parameters: We Do Need Even More Footnotes in Mosfet Datasheets…” by Leo Sheftelevich. Learn more at: Please click here to register for this event!!!!
1.1. April 2, 2014 Technical Vitality Seminar:
Wide-Area Measurement, Monitoring, & Control of Future Power Grid by Joe H. Chow, PhD
IEEE Green Mountain members of the Power and Energy Society chapter are encouraged to attend as we formalize plans to create a new chapter this year.  Learn more at:


1.3. May 14-16, 2014 Workshop:
The 23rd IEEE North Atlantic Test Workshop will be held in Binghamton, NY. Learn more at:
1.4. May 16, 2014 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting:
The IEEE Conference on Innovations in Technology (InnoTek2014) will be held in Providence, RI. Learn more at:

2. Student Activities

2.1. March 28-29, 2014 Student Conference:
The IEEE Region 1 Student Activities Conference will be held in Newark, NJ. Learn more at: 
2.2.  Feb. 21, 2014; Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC) Focuses on Career Development by Kaitlyn Mayberry
The University of Vermont’s IEEE Student Chapter recently held their 4th Annual Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC) focusing on personal branding and networking with potential employers. More than a dozen representatives from local companies mingled with students and educated them about the qualities and experiences they look for in candidates they hire. 

The IEEE Student Chapter also partnered closely with Danielle Gallant, UVM’s Engineering & Technical Career Counselor, in planning the event. Gallant, along with Peer Mentors from the College of Engineering, offered students feedback on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. “IEEE did a fabulous job connecting students with a variety of some of the top employers in the area, and we were happy to answer student’s questions regarding their resumes and the use of LinkedIn in the career process. The event had great energy throughout the night, and it was a perfect example of how the Career Center can partner with student groups on campus. We hope to continue the partnership with future events,” said Gallant.

The featured speakers for the event included author Carl Selinger and Jose Santos from NASA. Selinger spoke about his book “Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School.” Selinger, who has been a speaker at numerous S-PACs, felt this year’s conference was especially engaging for students: “The best thing about UVM’s event was the extra time reserved for questions, which allowed me to respond to many issues on peoples’ minds.” Santos’ talk focused on his technical contributions to heat shield development and testing at NASA.

Companies that attended the event included Logic Supply, Fairpoint Communications, Renewable NRG Systems, Microprocessor Designs, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, NASA, Green Mountain Power, Vermont Electric, Velco, Linear Technology, and IBM.

Around fifty students attended the event, including undergraduate and graduate students studying Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Sam Chevalier, an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Vermont, reflected on the value of the program from a student perspective. “Hearing Dr. Selinger speak about essential soft skills which engineering students must develop before we interacted with industry professionals was an inspiring experience. There was definitely a sense of excitement in the room as students began engaging with employers,” said Chevalier.

The student officers for UVM’s IEEE Student Chapter include President Jen Dell, Vice President Kaitlyn Mayberry, Event Coordinator Caitlin Bliss and Treasurer Dan Mepham. The event was generously sponsored by IEEE Green Mountain Section, IEEE Region 1, and IEEE Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE).

Planning for next year’s S-PAC at UVM is already taking place. If you are interested in being a part of this event please contact Caitlin Bliss at
 2.3. April 25, 2014 Poster Session and Reception
The School of Engineering celebrates  graduate seniors and will showcase Capstone Design projects. Learn more at
3.4. April 28-May 1, 2014 Racing:
The UVM AERO team will participate in the International Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Learn more at:

3. STEM Activities

3.1. March 29, 2014 Fair
The Vermont State Science & Math Fair will be held at Norwich University. Learn more at:
3.2. July 5-12, 2014 Engineering Summer Camp:
Registration opens at the GIV . The technologies of tomorrow start at this Institute where approximately 100 high school students from Vermont, the US, and around the world explore engineering solutions to societal problems. Learn more at: 
3.3. March 1, 2014 Robotic Competition:
28 teams compete during the Vermont State FIRST Technical Challenge Championship. Learn more at:

 4. Community Outreach

Feb. 21, 2014 Engineers Week:
Former Vermont Governor James H. Douglas presented on: “Vermont: Where are we Heading?“.  Learn more at:

5. Blog

5.1. Windows Embedded: The Secret of the Internet of Things by John Donoghue at Logic Supply. Learn more at:


Learn more about the IEEE Green Mountain Section at:


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