IEEE Senior Membership

IEEE Senior Membership Privileges

Senior Membership grade is held by only eight percent of IEEE’s approximately 428,000 members. Realization of this grade requires extensive experience and reflects professional maturity and documented achievements of significance.

Senior member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. IEEE members can self-nominate, or be nominated, for Senior member grade.

To be eligible for application or nomination, candidates must:

  • Be engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields
  • Have experience reflecting professional maturity
  • Have been in professional practice for at least ten years (with some credit for certain degrees)
  • Show significant performance over a period of at least five of their years in professional practice

Benefits of Senior Membership

  • Recognition: The professional recognition of your peers for technical and professional excellence.
  • Senior member plaque: Since January 1999, all newly elevated Senior members have received an engraved Senior Member plaque to be proudly displayed for colleagues, clients and employers to see. The plaque, an attractive fine wood with bronze engraving, is sent within six to eight weeks after elevation.
  • US$25 coupon: IEEE will recognize all newly elevated Senior members with a coupon worth up to US$25. This coupon can be used to join one new IEEE society. The coupon expires on 31 December of the year in which it is received.
  • Letter of commendation: A letter of commendation will be sent to your employer on the achievement of Senior member grade (upon the request of the newly elected Senior member).
  • Announcements: Announcement of elevation can be made in section/society and/or local newsletters, newspapers and notices.
  • Leadership Eligibility: Senior members are eligible to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions.
  • Ability to refer other candidates: Senior members can serve as a reference for other applicants for senior membership.
  • Review panel: Senior members are invited to be on the panel to review senior member applications.
  • US$25 referral coupon: Newly elevated Senior members are encouraged to find the next innovators of tomorrow and invite them to join IEEE. Invite them to join and the new IEEE member will receive US$25 off their first year of membership.

Updated 2016-11-30

Join us in Congratulating our most recent selected Senior Members!

Last Name First Name Middle Initial IEEE Current Grade Start Date IEEE Grades Hist – Grade Effective Years
Yu Peng 11/30/2016 SM-16, M-08, StM-06
Ray Alexander Cody 11/30/2016 SM-16, M-11
Nanney James 11/29/2016 SM-16, M-12
Sanderson Christopher B 11/28/2016 SM-16, M-14
Rao Arvind 09/16/2016 SM-16, M-07, StM-99
Yin Bei 09/16/2016 SM-16, M-15, GSM-14, GSM-12
Do Carmo Hyder J 07/27/2016 SM-16, M-99, StM-96
Shipman Frank 07/27/2016 SM-16, M-15
Anderson Richard P 07/01/2016 SM-16, M-98
Clement Greg J 06/28/2016 SM-16, M-14, M-08, M-98, StM-97
Entesari Kamran 05/25/2016 SM-16, M-05, StM-03
Shih Wei-Chuan 05/25/2016 SM-16, M-15, M-14, M-12, M-11, M-08
Pieve-Salazar Carolina D 05/25/2016 SM-16, M-12
Swope Mark A 04/28/2016 SM-16, M-08, AM-96, StM-93
Sprintson Alexander 04/28/2016 SM-16, M-16, M-15, M-13, M-12, M-09, M-03, StM-00
Chaganti Mythili 04/28/2016 SM-16, M-06
Mallard George P 04/27/2016 SM-16, M-08, M-95, AF-94
Kurt Nur 03/31/2016 SM-16, M-04, StM-00, M-98, StM-96, StM-93
Gratz Paul V 03/30/2016 SM-16, M-08, GSM-05
Bhardwaj Manish 03/30/2016 SM-16, M-10, M-07, StM-06
Monteiro Othon 03/30/2016 SM-16, M-15
Alvarez Marcelo 02/25/2016 SM-16, AF-15, M-14, M-09, GSM-06
Wilson Glenn Andrew 02/19/2016 SM-16, M-15
Koola Paul M 02/18/2016 SM-16, M-08, M-03
Alhadad Mustafa 02/18/2016 SM-16, M-14
Fang Haijun 02/17/2016 SM-16, M-08, M-06, StM-01
Xie Le 02/17/2016 SM-16, M-10, GSM-05
Zhao Zhongming 11/25/2015 SM-15, M-09
Nene Hrishikesh 11/25/2015 SM-15, M-14
Conklin William A 11/24/2015 SM-15, M-06, StM-02, StM-91, M-90, StM-88
Carlson Eric C 11/24/2015 SM-15, M-03
Kerr Stephen H 10/29/2015 SM-15, M-97, AM-92
Howell Thomas 10/29/2015 SM-15, M-08, M-93, M-78, StM-77
Lanier Stephen W 10/29/2015 SM-15, M-09, M-02
Hulin James D 10/28/2015 SM-15, M-82, StM-80
Vinal Philip L 10/28/2015 SM-15, M-89, StM-89
Davis Michael H 09/25/2015 SM-15, M-89, StM-88, M-83, StM-81
Romer Michael C 09/25/2015 SM-15, M-05, StM-02
Tiwari Ashutosh 08/19/2015 SM-15, M-14, M-09, StM-05
Haas Derrick J 07/21/2015 SM-15, M-15, M-14, M-10, M-08, M-02, StM-00
Yang Guang 07/21/2015 SM-15, M-15, StM-14, AM-13, StM-13, AM-12, StM-12, AM-11, StM-10
Veeravalliraghupathy Anand 07/21/2015 SM-15, M-15
Martin Michael C 07/06/2015 SM-15, M-89
Savoie Tammy M 07/06/2015 SM-15, M-13, M-98
Bhattacharya Raktim 07/06/2015 SM-15, M-15, M-14, M-06
Batte Oliver 07/06/2015 SM-15, M-15
Houeto Fabien O 06/01/2015 SM-15, M-03, StM-00
Cassimere Brant 06/01/2015 SM-15, M-06, StM-04
Banerjee Amarnath 05/04/2015 SM-15, M-03
Moursy Abdelhamid G 05/04/2015 SM-15, M-11, GSM-10, M-10, GSM-08, StM-03
Alexander Dwight R 05/01/2015 SM-15, M-93, M-93, StM-92
Vandiver Benton A 05/01/2015 SM-15, M-93
Deaton David F 05/01/2015 SM-15, M-88
Rains Troy A 05/01/2015 SM-15, M-09, M-97, AM-95, StM-94
Sarkar Vivek 05/01/2015 SM-15, M-13, AF-09, AF-04
Cassimere Brandon 05/01/2015 SM-15, M-06, StM-04
Pollonini Luca 05/01/2015 SM-15, M-11
Kuchment Peter 04/25/2015 SM-15, AM-15
Greb Karl 03/13/2015 SM-15, M-14
Subbhuraam Vinitha Sree 03/13/2015 SM-15, M-14
Branch David W 03/12/2015 SM-15, M-04
Coopersmith Jonathan C 02/13/2015 SM-15, M-85, StM-83
Ihonde Osagie I 02/13/2015 SM-15, M-13, M-09, M-08, M-99, AM-98
Liu Tie 02/13/2015 SM-15, M-06, StM-99
Lian Jian-Ao 02/13/2015 SM-15, M-13, M-02
Gao Jun 02/13/2015 SM-15, M-06, StM-02
Shakkottai Srinivas G 02/13/2015 SM-15, M-07, GSM-05
Platt John H 02/11/2015 SM-15, M-14, M-10, M-06, StM-97
Guidry Paul E 12/02/2014 SM-14, M-98
Choe Yoonsuck 11/22/2014 SM-14, M-06
Miller Richard H 10/28/2014 SM-14, M-84
Ma Jingfei 10/28/2014 SM-14, M-03
Easwaran Vasant K 10/28/2014 SM-14, M-14, AF-09, M-05
Gupta Alok 10/28/2014 SM-14, M-06
Morris Mark B 09/17/2014 SM-14, M-87, StM-86
Sidahmed Mohamed A 09/17/2014 SM-14, M-11
Snavely David E 09/16/2014 SM-14, M-14, M-79, StM-76
Mancill Michieal W 08/13/2014 SM-14, M-13
Bettati Riccardo 07/18/2014 SM-14, M-11, AM-06, AM-06, AF-95
Stoleru Radu 07/18/2014 SM-14, M-08, StM-04
Welch Jennifer L. 07/18/2014 SM-14, M-14, M-09
Lezama Modesto R 06/19/2014 SM-14, M-91, StM-90
Snell Richard S 06/19/2014 SM-14, M-98, AM-97, AM-97
Cui Suxia 06/19/2014 SM-14, M-03, StM-00
Wang Yonghui 06/19/2014 SM-14, M-03, StM-00
Kim Sangyoun 06/19/2014 SM-14, M-03
Prasad Saurabh 06/19/2014 SM-14, M-09, GSM-05
Gonzalez Arturo 06/19/2014 SM-14, M-14, M-12
Bensaoula Abdelhak 04/16/2014 SM-14, M-14, M-88, StM-87, M-87, M-86, StM-86, StM-85, M-84, StM-84, StM-83, M-83, StM-78
Olivas Raul 04/16/2014 SM-14, M-95, StM-90, M-88, StM-87
Karkoub Mansour A 04/16/2014 SM-14, M-05
Zhan Sheng 04/16/2014 SM-14, M-07, AM-07
Gu Guofei 02/24/2014 SM-14, M-08, GSM-06
Estes Robert A 02/22/2014 SM-14, M-85
Jimenez Daniel A 11/25/2013 SM-13, M-13, M-09, M-02
Sharma Mayank 11/25/2013 SM-13, M-08, AM-08
Felizzola Cesar Andres 11/25/2013 SM-13, M-13
Bankson James A 10/30/2013 SM-13, M-11, M-10, M-09, M-07, M-00, StM-95
Bayer Michael G 09/25/2013 SM-13, M-82, M-78, StM-74
O’Malley Marcia K 09/25/2013 SM-13, M-03, AM-01, StM-00
Gautam Natarajan 07/31/2013 SM-13, M-12
Moll Mark 07/08/2013 SM-13, M-04, StM-99
Wood Robert 05/02/2013 SM-13, M-12, M-91, M-81, StM-80
Abrams Michael L 04/08/2013 SM-13, M-84, StM-82
Righetti Raffaella 04/08/2013 SM-13, M-00, AM-98
Vilalta Ricardo 02/21/2013 SM-13, M-02
Handal Jeffry J 02/21/2013 SM-13, M-06, StM-05, M-05, StM-02
HOYOS SEBASTIAN 12/11/2012 SM-12, M-12, M-04, StM-01
Ristanovic Dragan 09/24/2012 SM-12, M-03, StM-01
Dacso Clifford 06/30/2012 SM-12, AM-12
Song Hongbiao 06/08/2012 SM-12, M-07, StM-04
Jafari Roozbeh 04/26/2012 SM-12, M-07, StM-00
Jiang Anxiao A 03/28/2012 SM-12, M-04, StM-00
Zhong Lin 03/28/2012 SM-12, M-05, StM-02
Marchelli Mario 03/28/2012 SM-12, M-12, AM-11
Chen Bo 02/18/2012 SM-12, M-02
Han Arum 11/23/2011 SM-11, M-05, StM-98
Huff Gregory H 11/23/2011 SM-11, M-07, StM-03
Yoon Byung-Jun 10/19/2011 SM-11, M-06, StM-02
Hajiaghajani Masoud 09/22/2011 SM-11, M-03, StM-00
Braga-Neto Ulisses D 09/17/2011 SM-11, M-03, AM-01, StM-96
Shi Weidong 08/06/2011 SM-11, M-11, M-10, AM-10
Sinha Gautam 06/18/2011 SM-11, M-03, AM-98, StM-92
Prichard Gregory 04/30/2011 SM-11, M-96, StM-94
Peeters Michael L 04/30/2011 SM-11, M-04, AM-03, StM-99
Roehr Jeffrey L 03/26/2011 SM-11, M-10, M-82, StM-80
Zhao Tony Weizhong 02/19/2011 SM-11, M-98
Johnson Michael DeShawn 01/08/2011 SM-11, M-07
TADLOCK TERRY R 01/08/2011 SM-11, M-92, StM-92
Kono Junichiro 01/08/2011 SM-11, M-09, M-02
Frantz Jeremy P 11/13/2010 SM-10, M-98
Bhatia Neeraj 11/13/2010 SM-10, M-03
Nguyen Hai T 06/25/2010 SM-10, GSM-08, SM-03, M-93, StM-88
Yuan Shengli V 05/22/2010 SM-10, M-04, StM-02, StM-93
Macune Don T 05/22/2010 SM-10, M-84, StM-84, M-79, StM-78, M-78, StM-77
batra Rajan 05/22/2010 SM-10, M-09
Stotts Lawrence J 04/10/2010 SM-10, M-81, M-77, StM-73
Rajagopalan Satish 04/10/2010 SM-10, M-06, StM-98
Ma Jian 02/13/2010 SM-10, M-07, AM-07
Chen Qiming 01/09/2010 SM-10, M-04, StM-00
Song Dezhen 10/17/2009 SM-09, M-04, StM-02
Patel Deep 10/17/2009 SM-09, M-08
Gex Gary 10/17/2009 SM-09, M-09, M-04, AM-96
Huang Xianghui 09/12/2009 SM-09, M-09, M-04, StM-01
Chamberland Jean-Francois 09/12/2009 SM-09, M-04, StM-98
Mcshane Michael J 02/14/2009 SM-09, M-99, StM-97
Endrejat Frieder 01/10/2009 SM-09, M-06
Trombetta Leonard P 11/15/2008 SM-08, M-86
Hoefel Albert E 10/25/2008 SM-08, M-99
Zhao Wei 07/26/2008 SM-08, M-03, AM-97, StM-95
Mui Rudy W 07/26/2008 SM-08, M-93
Gutierrez-Osuna Ricardo 07/26/2008 SM-08, M-00
Roysam Badrinath 05/24/2008 SM-08, M-89
Giraud Douglas H 05/24/2008 SM-08, M-92
Ranganathan Raghuraman 04/26/2008 SM-08, M-93
Chen Xuemin 04/26/2008 SM-08, M-00
Li Jiang 03/15/2008 SM-08, M-03, StM-99
Hall Eric B 02/16/2008 SM-08, M-99, StM-96, M-89, StM-87, M-86, StM-86
Qian Lijun 02/16/2008 SM-08, M-01, StM-97
Stewart David R 12/01/2007 SM-07, M-81
Loguinov Dmitri 12/01/2007 SM-07, M-03, AM-02, StM-00
BALOG ROBERT S 12/01/2007 SM-07, M-06, StM-05, M-05, StM-00, M-96, StM-93
Lionberger John E 12/01/2007 SM-07, M-96, StM-88
Frenger Fred P 10/27/2007 SM-07, M-90
Towliat Abolhassani Mehdi 10/27/2007 SM-07, M-04, StM-01
Xue Zhong 08/04/2007 M-03, AM-01, StM-98
Chan Kum S 08/04/2007 M-02
Armstrong Randolph K 06/16/2007 SM-07, M-90, M-85
Shah Shishir K 05/19/2007 SM-07, M-96, StM-93
Mcintosh Avery L 05/19/2007 SM-07, M-98, StM-95
Saneifard Rasoul 05/19/2007 SM-07, M-95
Abu-Rub Haithem A 05/19/2007 SM-07, M-99
Richards-Kortum Rebecca R 05/19/2007 SM-07, M-92
Le Hung Quang 04/21/2007 SM-07, M-82, StM-82
Crow Wesley D 03/18/2007 SM-07, M-06
Zimmermann Kuno P 01/20/2007 SM-07, M-75, StM-70
Romero Aguero Julio Enrique 11/18/2006 SM-06, M-05, StM-04, M-04, StM-00
Ress David B 09/23/2006 SM-06, M-88
Terry Samuel C 09/23/2006 SM-06, M-80, M-76, StM-74
Ji Jim Xiuquan 08/12/2006 SM-06, M-03, StM-02, M-02, StM-98
Hills Scott J 06/24/2006 SM-06, AF-94
Li Wei 06/24/2006 SM-06, M-00
Bih Joseph Z 02/18/2006 SM-06, M-05, AM-01, StM-00
Abubakar Aria 01/21/2006 SM-06, M-01, StM-98, AM-97, AM-97
Gutierrez Jose A 11/12/2005 SM-05, M-04, StM-99, M-99, StM-90
Nguyen Hong 11/12/2005 SM-05, M-01, AM-01
Smith Alister G 01/15/2005 SM-05, M-04
Litvinov Dmitri 11/20/2004 SM-04, M-00
Gokdere Levent U 09/18/2004 SM-04, M-97
Sheng Yong 09/18/2004 SM-04, M-03, AM-02, StM-00
Ernst Vincent G 09/18/2004 SM-04, M-04
Town R J 04/03/2004 SM-04, M-87, AM-77, StM-75
Burns David B 04/03/2004 SM-04, M-89, M-80, StM-79
Galli Anthony W 02/14/2004 SM-04, M-97, StM-94, M-92, StM-91
Wang Hui Fung F 02/14/2004 SM-04, M-87, StM-87
Aguayo Radames 01/10/2004 SM-04, M-88, StM-87
Foster Travis K 11/15/2003 SM-03, M-90, StM-88
Poag Frank D 11/15/2003 SM-03, M-89, StM-87
Burse Ted A 10/04/2003 SM-03, M-90
Johns Jimmy B 08/16/2003 SM-03, M-75, StM-75
Mouton Craig A 08/16/2003 SM-03, M-94
Huang Shou-Hsuan S 06/21/2003 SM-03, M-03, AM-95
Kim Won-Jong 05/03/2003 SM-03, M-97, StM-93, StM-89
Wolz Erich W 05/03/2003 SM-03, M-85, StM-82
Leigh Kevin B 05/03/2003 SM-03, M-88, StM-88, M-87, StM-87
Palughi Vincent G 04/05/2003 SM-03, M-89, StM-85
Focke John T 02/15/2003 SM-03, M-90
Wong Stephen T C 02/15/2003 SM-03, M-91, StM-87, M-85
Schneider Dean L 01/18/2003 SM-03, M-93, StM-91, M-86, StM-86, M-82, StM-81
Langari Reza 11/16/2002 SM-02, M-91, StM-90, StM-89, M-89, StM-88, M-88, M-87, StM-87, StM-87, M-85, StM-82
Donner Paul J 11/16/2002 SM-02, M-00
Stoudt Craig 09/28/2002 SM-02, M-99
Tipley Roger E 05/11/2002 SM-02, M-82, StM-79
Tran Thanh T 05/11/2002 SM-02, M-89
Dortolina Carlos A 11/17/2001 SM-01, M-95, StM-91, StM-89
Stone Francis M 11/17/2001 SM-01, M-92, M-92, M-74, StM-70
Bhandari Dev K 06/23/2001 SM-01, M-94
Butler Karen L 03/31/2001 SM-01, M-95, StM-93, StM-92, M-87, StM-86, M-85, StM-82
Shearer Bennie L 01/20/2001 SM-01, M-91
Barrios Louis A 11/18/2000 SM-00, M-89, StM-88, StM-87, M-87, StM-86, M-86, StM-84
Wang Lu 11/18/2000 SM-00, M-98
Shireen Wajiha 08/05/2000 SM-00, M-94, StM-90, M-90, StM-90
Zhan Wei 06/24/2000 SM-00, M-91, M-91, StM-90
Dunn Donald G 12/11/1999 SM-99, M-92, StM-88
Shattuck David P 07/24/1999 SM-99, M-83
O’Bannion Fred A 07/24/1999 SM-99, AM-77, StM-74
Wactor Michael W 06/26/1999 SM-99, M-86, M-80, StM-80
Allen William L 12/12/1998 SM-98, M-86, StM-86
Liggett Danny P 12/12/1998 SM-98, AM-92
Valasek John 08/08/1998 SM-98, M-95, StM-93, StM-89
Arefeen M S 06/27/1998 SM-98, M-95, StM-94, StM-91, M-90, StM-90
Leon Hugo L 08/09/1997 SM-97, M-94
Griffith J Travis 06/29/1997 SM-97, M-92, M-85
Madsen Christi K 09/28/1996 SM-96, M-87, StM-87, M-86, StM-84
Kulkarni Sunita 09/28/1996 SM-96
Vallejo Jose M 06/23/1996 SM-96, M-90, M-86, M-80
Deaton Robert J 06/23/1996 SM-96, M-77
Cheng Mo Kim Albert 05/18/1996 SM-96, M-90, StM-86, M-86, StM-83
Biasetti Gregory A 02/18/1996 SM-96, M-94, AM-88, AM-75, StM-75
Furuta Richard K 12/09/1995 SM-95, M-85, StM-85, M-84, M-82, StM-82, StM-80, StM-78, StM-78
Ober Raimund J 09/30/1995 SM-95, M-88, StM-87, M-87, StM-87
Peterson William L 07/29/1995 SM-95, M-87, StM-87, M-81, StM-80
Cardinal Paul G 05/20/1995 SM-95, M-92, M-81, StM-81
Stetzler Trudy D 09/24/1994 SM-94, M-90
Padden Lorraine K 05/01/1994 SM-94, M-83, StM-81
Rosen Donn L 01/01/1994 SM-94, M-89
Chien Loring C 12/01/1992 SM-92, M-75, StM-74
Parlos Alexander 09/01/1992 SM-92, M-86, StM-86, StM-81
Barrett Karen A 03/01/1991 SM-91, M-76, StM-72
Pham Dzung X 12/01/1990 SM-90, M-83
Patton Michael M 12/01/1990 SM-90, M-75, StM-75
Aucoin B Michael 11/01/1990 SM-90, M-81, M-78, StM-78, StM-74
Wendt Richard E 11/01/1989 SM-89, M-82, StM-77
Stewart Bill G 09/01/1989 SM-89, M-79, M-75, StM-75
Leiss Ernst L 12/01/1984 SM-84, M-83
Wilson Robert A 01/01/1983 SM-83, M-74, StM-74