IEEE APS/MTTS Atlanta Chapter Seminar – ATLANTA AP03/MTT17 CHAPTER on 24-March-2015

  Distinguished Lecture Series in Electromagnetics Dr. Pankaj Rohatgi Director of Engineering at Cryptography Research   Tuesday, March 24, 2015, TSRB Auditorium 11:00 – 12:30 AM   “Defending Systems against Side-Channel Attacks”    Abstract: The discovery of side-channel attacks in the mid-1990s with the initial focus on smart-cards, led to the myth that these attacks… Read more

Comprehensive State Inference for Cognitive Radio Networks – ATLANTA COM19 CHAPTER on 30-April-2015

Spectrum sensing is a critical prerequisite in envisioned applications of wireless cognitive radio (CR) networks, which promise to resolve the perceived bandwidth scarcity versus under-utilization dilemma. This talk presents recent advances for comprehensive situation awareness at the PHY of CR networks by capitalizing on the novel notion of spatio-temporal RF cartography, which amounts to constructing… Read more

Congestion Management in 5G Mobile Systems – ATLANTA COM19 CHAPTER on 13-March-2015

In addition to the support of increased peak bit rates, higher spectrum spectral efficiency, and better coverage, 5G mobile systems are required to be scalable, supporting potential numbers of diverse connectable devices, including Machine Type Communications (MTC) devices, and handling mobile traffic 1000 times larger than the current one. Coping with such an ever-increasing mobile… Read more