Matlab Graphic User Interface(GUI) Programming

Mr. Wonkyu Kim of the Univeristy of Alabama in Huntsville would like to present a talk about MATLAB GUI Programming to the IEEE Young Professional Society. Matlab is widely used software for scientific calculation with programming capability, such as equation solving and matrix calculation. Programming in graphical user interface(GUI) makes program easier to use by… Read more

Technical Writing Workshop (10/21/14)

A basic tutorial for writing IEEE papers for publication and use the following material from the IEEE author Digital TOOL BOX. Topics to include: I) Preparing your article II) Preparing your graphics or multimedia materials III) Guidelines for article submission IV) Post-acceptance procedures V) Post-publication procedures VI) Frequently asked questions In addition, this presentation will… Read more

Technology Management Council: MindGear Labs Tour (Tues., 10/14/14)

IEEE Technology Managment Council (TMC) Presents MindGear Labs Tour Tour MindGear Labs facilities to learn more about the equipment and opportunities they offer to the general public. The tour will be Tuesday, 14 October at 1130-1230. The tour is open to the first 30 registrants. Date: Tuesday, 14 October 2014 Time: 11:30 am – 12:30… Read more

IEEE Huntsville Section – 60th Year Anniversary Dinner Cruise Announcement (August 9th, 2014)

All Aboard!!! Well the time has come.  We have been planning to hold a social event to celebrate our 60th year in existence.  Yes, the IEEE Huntsville Section has been around for 60 years, serving the needs of the technical community in the greater north Alabama area.  This event should be a welcomed escape from… Read more