DUTh SB IAS Chapter: 1st Region 8 Mediterranean Student Branch IAS Chapter Workshop

1st Region 8 Mediterranean Student Branch IAS Chapter Workshop

On December 14 and 15 2013, the “1st Region 8 Mediterranean Student Branch IAS Chapter Workshop” took place in Rome, Italy. The workshop was organized by the Sapienza University of Rome SBC. The DUTh IAS SB had 4 representatives, 3 student members and the Chapter’s advisor, professor Karlis.

Even though the workshop only lasted two days, we managed to make the most out of it.

On the first day, we walked to the Sapienza University accompanied by the other attendees and the Italian hosts and had the chance to see the city and break the ice with the others. After the necessary opening introductions, we attended some presentations about the IAS, IAS CMD, Women and Students In Engineering. We enjoyed the presentations while we learnt some interesting facts about IAS and we were motivated to expand our chapters. During the “Activity Presentations” our student members got to show the attendees our chapter’s development and our actions. We also watched the presentations about the other Chapters’ activities and we saw some great ideas that we plan to put into practice in our University.


In the afternoon we took part in the Inter-cultural contest where participants presented their culture, music, cuisine and the natural beauty of their home countries. We introduced the IAS members to our culture with a presentation about our country, our history, our traditions and our music while we were giving away food (traditional baked bread, dried fruit,  candy and gum). The inter-cultural contest was a very interesting and tasteful experience and since the participants came from all over the Mediterranean sea, we could find similarities and influences between our traditions.




On the second day, with the Italians as our guides we walked around the historical city. We visited the Colosseum, the Imperial Forum, the Capitolium, the Navona square, the Castle Sant’ Angelo and the Vatican City. We were amazed by the beauty and the history of the city. As Greeks, we were genuinely glad to visit Rome, because of the common history and civilization between ancient Italy and ancient Greece.



Regarding the Italian cuisine, we were lucky enough to taste the famous Italian pizza, pasta, coffee and gelato (ice cream) while eating in authentic Italian restaurants with the other representatives.



In our trip to Rome, we had the chance to meet people from other countries and establish friendships that we plan to keep in the future. We were able to exchange knowledge about engineering issues with students and teachers with the same interests. The things we learnt from the 1st Region 8 Mediterranean SB IAS Chapter Workshop will make us better engineers and will improve our chapter. Our trip to Rome was yet another great IAS experience!