DUTh SB IAS Chapter: Awards and Contests

Awards and Contests

The IAS DUTh Student Branch Chapter has a remarkable course. As students in this chapter and in this university we are always doing our best. We organize many lectures and activities. We try to take part in as many contests as we can. This is why we have received many awards, although it has only been a year since our chapter was founded.

For the activities and our progress, our chapter has received

  1. the “2013 IAS Outstanding New Student Branch Chapter Award
  2. the “2013 IAS Chapter Web Contest, 1st Prize Award
  3. The Most Happening IAS Chapter Contest 2013, 2nd Prize Award


In addition to this, our past chair Ms. Christina – Panagiota Malliou received the “Outstanding Student Branch Chapter Chair” for her successful leadership of our Chapter.



Moreover, during the IAS Annual Meeting 2012 that took place in Las Vegas, our presentation for the Multicultural Event received the 2nd prize award. On June 3 when Mr. Blake Lloyd and Dr. Peter Magyar visited our chapter we had also the honour to receive our awards for this presentation.

Continuing our successful course in the IAS Annual Meeting 2013 in Orlando, our team won the 3rd prize in the “Inter-Cultiral Event and Contest”.


Last but not least, our Student Poster Presentation about DIPLOMA and the Student Poster Presentation and Student Technical Presentation about “Electrical Machines Insulation Systems, Power Electronics and Occurring Problems” received certificates of appreciation.