DUTh SB IAS Chapter: IAS Annual Meeting 2013

IAS Annual Meeting 2013

In the latest IAS Annual Meeting, we had 5 representatives. 4 of our student members (Christina-Panagiota Malliou, Christos Pnevmatikos, Galini Kondyli, Maria Sfoungatou) and our chapter’s advisor (Athanasios Karlis) had the opportunity to attend the meeting and obtain useful experience, while meeting people from all over the world.


While the trip to the USA was long and tiring, the experience was totally worth it and the experience rewarded us in the best possible way.

The first day, we attended the Chapter and Membership Development (CMD) Workshop where we had the chance to attend many student presentations and presentations about student chapters. We also got to meet many people from all around the world. Two of our students, Ms. Galini Kondyli and Ms. Christina – Panagiota Malliou, got to present our chapters activities.


In the afternoon, the Student Poster Session took place. One of our students, Ms. Christina – Panagiota Malliou presented the technical poster “Electrical machines insulation systems, power electronics and the occurring problems” and Ms. Galini Kondyli presented a poster about our chapter and our magazine called “DIPLOMA” with cover story “The History of the Atomic theory and its Greek Origin”.



During the poster session, our chapter had the initiative to distribute the first issue of DIPLOMA to the attendees along with pins with our chapter’s logo and candies with ouzo, a traditional Greek drink, giving the opportunity to the attendees to come in contact with the tastes and the aromas of our country. Both the magazine and the chapter’s logo were created entirely from our members. Finally, we encouraged the attendees to write wishes and comments on a poster that we brought home with us. The poster is now hanging proudly on the Chapter’s Office wall.



On the second day, we attended the Student Technical Sessions, where one of our members, Ms. Christina – Panagiota Malliou, presented her project on “Electrical machines insulation systems, power electronics and the occurring problems”, in front of many students and professors.


We also had the chance to attend the presentations of  IAS Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest winners and we got motivated to take part in a Zucker program.



In the afternoon, we had the honor to receive the certificates and the awards from Dr. Magyar, CMD Chair. In the evening, we attended the CMD Dinner and took part in the intercultural contest by presenting the city of Xanthi and the nearby area. Our presentation got the 3rd prize.



On the third day, we had the opportunity to visit Kennedy Space Center, which was a unique experience. Everyone was amazed by the exhibits, the rockets and the spaceships.

We were able to ride a simulator of an astronaut’s training and a space shuttle launches that reached 4G and we were thrilled. Before we leave Kennedy Space Center, we had lunch with an astronaut, Mark C. Lee, who explained to us everything about his life in space and he answered all our questions.



Οn the fourth day, we attended many technical sessions about Electrical Discharges and Motor Drives. In the evening the Greek team attended the President’s Reception and Awards Banquet.




During the Awards Banquet our team received many awards, IAS Outstanding New Student Branch Chapter Award, IAS Chapter Web Contest 1st Prize Award, The Most Happening Chapter of the Year 2013 2nd Prize Award and our Past Chair and current P.R. Manager, Ms. Christina-Panagiota Malliou was awarded as an Outstanding Student Branch Chapter Chair.



On the fifth day, we attended technical sessions about lamps and we got to hang out with the friends we had made in the annual meeting, discussing about our future plans and planning our upcoming common activities.

On the last day, after our breakfast with Mr. Magyar, we had to take the plane back home.

This trip was a really great opportunity to meet people from other countries and learn many innovative techniques about industrial applications. During the conference we had the opportunity to dinner with all the attendees and meet with each other in a more loose and free way. Most of the presentations we attended were really educative and we plan to use the knowledge we gained in our studies and base on it, for our future papers and research.