SAPIENZA University of Rome SB IAS Chapter: 1st R8 Mediterranean SB IAS Chapter Workshop

Report of the first R8 Mediterranean SB IAS Chapter Workshop


The first R8 Mediterranean SB IAS Chapter Workshop was organized by Sapienza University of Rome IAS SB Chapter on 14-15 December 2013 in Rome in the Engineering Faculty of Sapienza University.


IAS Poster on Mediterranean Workshop

The coordinators of the event were: Giuseppe Parise, IAS Italy Section Chapter Chair and Luigi Parise R8 IAS SB Chapter Area Chair. Attended the event: Blake Lloyd, IAS President, Peter Magyar IAS CMD Chair, Taqua Khairy IAS CMD, Student in Engineering Committee Chair and 6 IAS SB Chapter (from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Tunisia) for a total of 56 participants (50 IAS members/graduate students). During the workshop there was also a live connection with the IAS SB Chapter of Palestine.

Photo Group

You can find the workshop poster, the schedule, the speakers presentations and all the pictures of the event at the dropbox link: