DUTh SBC: Lecture on “Entrepreneurship in Greece 2014”

DUTh SB IAS Chapter: Lecture on “Entrepreneurship in Greece 2014” by Mr. Giordamlis.

On March 10th, DUTh SB IAS Chapter had the honor to organize a lecture by Mr. Christos Giordamlis on “Entrepreneurship in Greece 2014”.

Mr. Giordamlis is the Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Electronics since 1996. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and studies in Management and Marketing at London School of Economics. From 2010 he is the elected President of Evros’ Manufacturers Federation. During 1991 he has established Prisma Electronics at the City of Alexandroupolis, a company specialized in ICT delivering goods, products and services in Private and Public sector. Projects like Metropolitan Area Fiber Optics Networks, City Wireless Lan, Software & Process solutions for Municipalities, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, ERP & CRM in local Industries are successfully implemented the previous years for the benefit of a great number of customers at Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.


He is a certified consultant from Intel, Microsoft, Unix, Cisco, HP, Novel, Oracle, Altec, Singularlogic and others He has steered Prisma Electronics to setup and operate a SMT production line in electronics and energy production from renewable sources He has been Project leader in a great number of research projects in the fields of industrial engineering, knowledge management sensors, fiber optics, photovoltaic, nanotechnology and condition based maintenance. Since 1991 through Prisma have Knowledge management, content publishing to smart devices for cultural organization and Innovative products and services in field of condition monitoring and efficiency of operation in Maritime are among his skills. He has been invited as speaker in a number of World congresses and events. President of the Industries Federation Network at Border Areas of Greece.



He made a presentation about Prisma Electronics and its products, emphasizing its great success even in the period of the economical crisis. He also mentioned the difficulties in founding a new company and running it responsibly. He motivated the students to take initiatives, follow their dreams and try to succeed even in the period of the economical crisis.