DUTh SBC: “Career goes DUTh” Meeting

Career goes DUTh

On May 9th, 2014 the IEEE SB of Thrace, the DUTh SB IAS Chapter and the Employment and Career Center of DUTh, organized a meeting entitled “CAREER GOES DUTH” with lectures and workshops, in order to connect the students and the graduates of our university with employers. During the meeting, representatives of companies presented the job possibilities for graduates of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


The meeting started in the morning with greetings and introductions. There was a brief presentation of the DUTh Employment and Career Center by Mr. Dimitris Tsitsis, the head of the DUTh Career Center. He informed the students about career possibilities in Greece and abroad, focusing on the work that their Center is doing, connecting students with employers and other universities, by establishing strong relationships and assuring a great future for the graduates.  Subsequently, there was a greeting from Mr. Konstantinos Karpouzis, the founder of IEEE SB of Thrace, who is now working abroad. He congratulated the Student Branch and mentioned the qualifications and experience he acquired from IEEE. There was also an IEEE Greece Section presentation about the Student Activities.

Afterwards, there were presentations of companies, that employ electrical and computer engineers. The speakers presented the work opportunities for electrical engineers and the required qualifications that render someone the perfect candidate. They also mentioned the work and the products of each company.

The lectures and the companies were:

  • Mr. Ioannis Makridis, from Sunlight Systems S.A., a company in Xanthi that focuses on energy storage systems and energy power systems.




  • Mr. Panagiotis Kalaitzidis, from Prisma Electronics S.A., a company in Alexandroupoli that focuses on electronics.



  • Mr. Dimitris Karelis, Director of Education of the Public Power Corporation S.A in Greece.



  • Mr. Stavros Kounis, from More That (just) Themes, a startup company that provides web design and development services.



  • Mrs. Theodora Kouloura, Deputy Director of Strategic Planning of Management Systems and Authorization.



In the lunch break there was a riddle competition. The majority of the students participated, trying to solve them all and win the prize! At the end of the day, the results were announced and two winners were chosen by drawing lots, among the ones that solved all the riddles. One of the prizes was a free IEEE and IAS membership since this was a request from the attendees.

In addition to the academic and occupational activities, there was a presentation of the IEEE Students Branch of Thrace and the IAS DUTh SB Chapter, called “IEEE Open Hour”. The student members presented the activities and the reasons to join. It was an alternative presentation that encouraged the students to ask all their questions and express their considerations on IEEE and IAS. As a result more students were informed and joined our team, filled with new ideas on activities for the future.

Thereafter, there was a workshop entitled “Electrify your Career – Empower your Future“, by Grecruitment, a company that connects employees with employers all over the world. They carried out interviews with students, giving them tips and teaching them how to present themselves in the best way possible. As a result they proposed to companies abroad some of the candidates that had all the required skills.



After the Closing Ceremony, gifts of appreciations were distributed to the speakers and we thanked them for the great experience they offered us. After the closing ceremony, we had planned a party, where all the students and the speakers had the opportunity to relax after a busy day!