DUTh SBC: Creation of leaflet

DUTh SB IAS Chapter: Creation of leaflet

The DUTh SB IAS Chapter is announcing the creation of a leaflet with information about IAS and DUTh SB IAS Chapter.


The leaflet was written and designed entirely by members of the Chapter.

It can be found in paper form in every event, that the Chapter is organizing and in the Chapter’s office!




The leaflet is a trifold, to inform the students about IAS. It contains information about IEEE Industry Applications Society and its fields of interest. 

The leaflet illustrates the IEEE IAS and DUTh SB IAS Chapter logos, graphs and photos.

In addition to this, the leaflet informs the reader about the activities and the actions of a student-member in IAS. It states reasons why someone should join IAS, mentioning the material that IAS members have access to and the contests members can take part in.

Furthermore, there is information about the DUTh SB IAS Chapter and its actions. In the back of the leaflet, all the contact information of the chapter is written (webpage, facebook page, twitter account, google+ account, youtube channel, e-mail) and the chapter’s office address.


The photos depict the members of our Chapter in the Annual Meeting 2012 and 2013, the 1st R8 Mediterranean SB IAS Chapter Workshop and in other activities organized by the Chapter.