DUTh SBC: Educational trip to “Thrace Plastics”

On May 23rd,  2014 the DUTh SB IAS Chapter organized an educational trip to “Thrace Plastics”, in Xanthi. “Thrace Plastics” was founded in 1977 in Xanthi and is a member of  “Thrace Group”, a company that produces and distributes products all over the world (Europe, U.S.A, Asia, Australia). 


“Thrace Plastics” is producing PE Bags, FFS film, FIBC liners, Shrink film, Top Cover, Stretch Hood and Shrink Pallet Cover Film and offers a wide range of packaging solutions for chemicals, animal feed, minerals and foodstuff. The company is providing for the largest part of the demand for FFS film and pallet cover film for industrial products in Greece.

The student members had the chance to learn about the production process of many items in the facilities, such as PP Woven Bags, Ropes and Twines, PP Technical Fabrics, Industrial and Carpet Yarn.


They were also informed about the uses of the products and other important characteristics about the products, the company and the facilities.


Members of the company, such as supervisors, operators etc. guided us through the process while answering questions. Each member explained his respective field of interest and his work position, so that the attendees were always informed by the right employee. We interacted with many engineers, that explained us the importance of engineers and specifically the importance of electrical and computer engineers in “Thrace Group”.


The attendees enjoyed the educational trip and they learned important information about their future work!

The company is using the material it produces even in its own facilities. In the picture, they are using the plastic fabric to avoid weed in the company’s garden!


At the end of the tour we took a picture to remember this great educational trip!