DUTh SBC: IAS Annual Presentation 2014

 On October 22nd, 2014, in the afternoon,  IEEE IAS Student Annual Presentation was embodied, as planned. The event’s concept, once more, a welcoming introductory gathering for freshmen, as well as the “elderly ones”, interested in participating in general. Along with that, an informative presentation about our chapter’s doings, current members’ vision of what is yet to come, activities and awards. This time, the event was organized by three active student organizations: the IEEE DUTh SB of Thrace, the IAS DUTh SBC and EESTEC LC Xanthi. Representative of our Chapter was Aristotelis Farmakis.


 The event took place in one of our Department’s Amphitheaters and students got to network in a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere. We are happy to report that the event had a pretty successful impact, especially on freshmen and newcomers societies-wise,  as more than a few showed true interest in our Chapter’s work and many filed an application to join or renew their membership.


 We consider worth mentioning, that our Chapter’s presentation attracted not only Electrical Engineering students, but students from different engineering Departments as well and we expect to see more of them in the following events. The future of IAS DUTh SBC, holds activities that will satisfy the interest of students in various engineering faculties surrounding this of EE.


 The year of 2015 seems promising as students in Democritus University of Thrace show greater interest in student organizations, operating in the area, in general. Both formal(through technical papers and events) and “informal” education(such as presenting, leading/participating in a team, volunteering and more) are provided in a society as the one we belong in. This attracts students, along with the oportunity to participate in a multicultural sharing experience, provided when traveling to a conference abroad.


 Events as this one are what helps students make a step closer to what comes next in life and fuels the spark that moves us all into actively participating and achieving more. We hope we get the chance to have many more Annual  Presentations and the means to fulfill our eager newcomers’ visions.

by Aristotelis Farmakis