DUTh SBC: Recruitment Day

 The annual Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter Roster elections took place on Friday, November 28th of 2014. We believe it is going to mark the beginning of an eventful and fruitful, collaboration-wise, year as none of the last two years have we had the pleasure to witness such participation from young and energetic newcomers.

 We want to thank our advisor, ass. prof. Karlis, who, once again, granted us permission to hold the elections in the Electrical Machines Laboratory of the Electrical and Computer Engineering of DUTh, as well as for his passionate welcoming to the new members of IAS willing to contribute to the team’s effort. Galini Kondyli (past chair, as of that day) also held a briefing speech so that the interested members would have the chance to get an inside view on what DUTh IAS SBC is all about, offering guidance on future queries.

 The attendees seemed open and comfortable throughout the election and briefing process and in the end all of them, willingly, participated. We feel the need to express that the election process was, as always, a fully transparent one. Any active member of our chapter (for the year of 2015) has the right to vote and express their opinion, freely. We also feel proud to be able to state that there was the ability for members who could not make it to the meeting, to vote online, and the process was completed with no surprises.

 A number of renewals, as well as a lot of new applications to join IAS, were filled that day, refreshing the active face of our chapter.

 The event ended with the results of the election process. Ideas and possible future events and prospects were discussed and the members of the new board headed for a night out as a bonding experience.