DUTh SBC: Xerias Hydro Power Plant

 On November 25th, 2014 the Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter organized a field trip to Xerias Hydro Power Plant, close to the city of Kavala. It was arranged so that the participants would have a full scale tour of the facilities that complete the above mentioned Small Scale – Hydro Power Plant.


 Two men conducted the tour, both of them engineers for the Public Water Services, as the power plant was the agency’s responsibility. Along with them, the Director of the above mentioned Public Agency decided to honor us with his presence, as well and indeed throughout the whole tour.


 The attendees reacted when they first saw the small length of the Hydro Power Plant’s facilities. However, the visit had strongly  been encouraged by our Advisor Dr.Karlis, who clearly had another factor in mind. The infrastructure was out of order because of damage in the central mechanism, thus providing the participants with the chance to watch such facilities and engineering control systems as if they were under construction for the first time, like a glimpse in designing the interior. Soon that first critical look too a vertical turn and the excursion was truly appreciated.


 Xerias’ Hydro Power Plant is fully automated. This is the reason why it is designed to need no human personnel to keep it going on a daily basis. Fun fact: It was the first project in Greece to be fully funded by European funds alone.

 The students had already been arranged to be transported to the plant by bus, therefore there was a limit to the number of the participants. We are proud to report that the limit was almost reached and the educational trip was pretty successful.


 We have already been to multiple similar-in-concept facilities and what we have been taught is that you can never guess what may come out of a new visit. This gives us reason to go on and organize even more outings for educational purposes.