DUTh SBC: DIPLOMA Vol.2: Issue 2

DIPLOMA Vol.2: Issue 2

On May 2015, Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh) IAS SB Chapter published the fourth issue of DIPLOMA (Volume 2: Issue 2), the Chapter’s magazine.


 This issue contains entries that keeps the reader informed on the Chapter’s latest news, regarding progress and activities, engineering approaches, members’ vision and attendance.


 Furthermore, one can find information about awardsengineering articles, conference reports and articles from different IAS chapters all around the world.


 In its fourth issue, our magazine, DIPLOMA, has been established as a means of worldwide communication between members of IAS, while publishing our activities and providing space for our pals abroad to share their own, thus strengthening our connections with other chapters we achieve the most out of what our Institution, and IA Society in specific, has to offer. Honoring the above mentioned, the current issue contains articles from PDP University, University of Texas Arlington and ENIS.


 We would like to thank all the writers for allowing this effort to be continued once again and everyone, in general, who helped in the process of the editing of our magazine.

 DIPLOMA will be available in English on our website (http://iasxanthi.eng.duth.gr/).