IAS VJEC SBC’s Project Presentation

As part of the activities of the IEEE IAS VJEC SBC, we conducted an electrical based project presentation for the final year B.tech students. The students were divided into different groups and were made to work for  each topics. The different projects in the presentation were:

  1. Coconut harvesting machine
  2. Automatic plant irrigation system
  3. Design and fabrication of novel smart meter architecture using GSM network
  4. Talking energy meter with automatic load cutoff
  5. Multi counter token system for hospitals
  6. Eye blink controlled wheel chair
  7. Soft switching interleaved boost converter
  8. Jeevan suraksha jacket for defence forces
  9. Unmanned automated railway level crossing system
  10. Embedded smart energy meter
  11. Unmanned petrol pump
  12. Speed control of BLDC motor