DUTh SBC: Lecture on “Installation of Nea Mesimvria Compressor Station, at the main pipeline of the National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS) between Russia and Turkey”

On Tuesday, May 12th, 2015, the Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter organized a lecture on the “Installation of Nea Mesimvria Compressor Station, at the main pipeline of the National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS) between Russia and Turkey”. The presentation was given by Mr. Panagiotis Maravelias, the man responsible to oversee and supervise the construction and see to the final project’s completion, as a representative for the National Natural Gas System Operator (DESFA) S.A. and participation was rewarding.


This lecture was given in a rather different approach, since Mr. Maravelias, was able to present what the full experience of a project of this magnitude would be for an Electrical Engineer, presenting, the audience, the actual project plans and the Electrical Work and Design orchestrated by the engineers responsible for the completion of the station. The audience was able to grasp the importance of the information provided and the way these first ideas and Designs finally come to be implemented and form such an Installation, located next to the Operation & Maintenance Center of Northern Greece at the main pipeline of the National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS) (kilometric position 414), where the pipeline’s diameter changes from 36” to 30”, utterly important for the needs of a nation, since the function of the compression station is to provide additional compression required in the NNGTS to satisfy the needs of Natural Gas Market in Greece.


Through this speech, the audience managed to grasp what it really feels like to be a managing-overseeing Engineer in such a project and what the role of an Electrical Engineer in the installation of such a station in general, but also a Compression Station, in specific, turns out to be.

There were technical parts in the presentation, were we got to talk about numbers and deadlines, the technical details, instructions and standards needed to be met in a project of this kind. Through those details, the audience also got a chance to realize what it means to design a facility meant to be expanded in the future, based on needs and projections of current and future use.

Apart from that, the speaker himself, Mr. Maravelias had an impeccable way of presenting one’s fortune to be able to claim himself an Electrical Engineer. The way he spoke of the profession and the need the world, itself, has for such Engineers, in body and mind, was, one can only say, inspiring.


Finally, an important detail worth being mentioned, is that this project, the particular Compression Station, is an amazing practice of what an Electrical Engineer’s work could be about. It combines the cooperation between Engineers of numerous different specializations (electrical, civil, architectural, chemical etc.), allowing us to view it through the scope of a supervising, responsible Engineer. Moreover, it encompasses specifically quite every inch of an Electrical Engineer’s traditional area of specialization. The project is energy related, but the fact that this station is designed for unmanned operation with remote control and supervision from the DESFA’s Main Dispatching Center in Patima, Elefsina, while a local Station Control Room (SCR) is located at the DESFA’s Backup Dispatching Centre in Nea Messimvria, sets ground for electronics and telecommunications fields of interest to be matched as well.


We feel the need to sincerely thank Mr. Panagiotis Maravelias, since the audience left the room overwhelmed of his passionate and enthusiastic view of the profession, yet practically educated about what it means to work in such fashion, in a similar project environment.