Lecture on “All you wanted to know about studies in the USA”

A lecture on “All you want to know about studies in USA” was organized by DUTh SB IAS Chapter in cooperation with IEEE SB of Thrace, on Monday October 26th at hotel Elisso, located in Xanthi.

Prof. Ioannis A. Kakadiaris, the main speaker of this event, is a Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen University Professor of Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA. He also holds an adjunct position at the School of Health Information Sciences at the University of Texas, Health Sciences Center.


Also, invited to participate at the event was Dr. Nikolaos S. Sapidis, Professor in the Department of Product and System Design Engineering, University of the Aegean, Syros, Greece.


Τhe speech was in the form of a discussion between the professors and the students, who were there. One of the main points of the conversation was the selection of doing a PhD at a university in USA, or in any other country abroad, generally.

Both speakers emphasized on the importance of the initial approach of the professor, with whom the student will work during doctoral studies. They said that it is better to choose a person you have a good communication with, rather than choosing a university only for its reputation.


At the end of the speech, Prof. Athanasios Karlis and Prof. Ioannis Pratikakis, from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, answered students’ questions about postgraduate and doctoral studies. They, further, mentioned that a good interview is necessary, since the first impression is very important.

The students expressed their concerns about the difficulties that can arise in such a move and Μr. Kakadiaris said that when someone has a will and sets targets, he can accomplish what he, really, wants in his life.


The lecture ended, with the organizers and the audience delighted by the progress of this effort. Some student left the room with optimism, while others were thoughtful about the future!

Report written by
Eleni Mpouloukosta