DIPLOMA Vol.3: Issue 1


On July 2015, the fifth issue of DIPLOMA (Volume 3: Issue 1), the all-students’, Chapter’s magazine, was published by Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh) IAS SB Chapter.


The reader is informed on the Chapter’s and Society’s latest news. We have come a long way and that progress and activities are always shared, along with our top-trending engineering interests, members’ vision and attendance.


Moreover, the information included are not limited to that, since one may find articles regarding awards, student-approached engineering topics, conference reports and entries from different IAS chapters all around the world.

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This special issue celebrates in 3 years of remarkable presence of the DUTh IAS SBC, the 50 Years of IAS and 5 Issues of DIPLOMA, already established as a means of international communication between members of IAS. This has been made possible, since the publication of our own activities and advancement, only holds one part of what this students’ initiative is all about. Collaborating with our IAS-colleagues abroad and drawing inspiration from one another by forming a multinational shared platform for every IAS chapter to be able to share their own news and passion, in a printable form, plays an important role for us. Welcoming different chapter’s entries, proves these, above mentioned, qualities, securing connections with our peers, honoring the word Society, for which IAS stands for. This current issue includes submissions from University of Calgary SB PES/IAS Chapter, University of Picardie Jules Verne SB IAS Chapter and IEEE Student Branch University of Western Macedonia.

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We need to express a hearty appreciation to all the writers and everyone involved in the process of the magazine’s editing, for successfully bringing yet another issue of DIPLOMA to your hands.

DIPLOMA is available, in English, on our website (http://iasxanthi.eng.duth.gr/).