DUTh SBC: 2015 Get Together – DUTh SB IAS Chapter’s Work

This year’s Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter’s Annual Presentation actually lasted longer for the after-presentation chit-chat to be completed, than it did for the presentation itself. This is what led us to realize we should actually host an event that would allow new-coming students to interact with our Chapter’s active members and personally invest time in answering the first comers’ questions and counter their hesitation. It would, at the same time, be a great opportunity for the Chapter’s members to showcase their work for the Chapter, such as the posters for competitions, the magazines and multiple other initiatives, the videos and promotional material and finally the activities themselves.

This is why, on Thursday, November 19th of 2015, we organized this new type of event, our first “2015 Get Together”, in order to give our annual chapter presentation a more unformal, and because of that, more personal approach in welcoming IAS first-timers.


In order to achieve this, we decorated a special room in the university’s facilities, with all sorts of posters, from technical presentations given at international conferences, to promotional ones designed for the needs of our local activities. Furthermore, there were two projectors in that space, constantly looping the multicultural videos and audiovisual promotional material we have designed over the past few years of activity.

There was a fully dressed info desk in the entrance, featuring all sorts of IEEE and IEEE IAS material resources we had available, and our Chapter’s student members willing to devote their time and share their experiences, acquired through active participation with IAS, with any individual or party asking to know more about our local and international engagement.


For the first time, no actual formal presentation was given. Only personalized ones, in the form of conversation. This new form of approaching first-timers actually had an impact, as no student left that event with unanswered questions or blind spots concerning what this Chapter, this Society and even that Institute is actually about.

An experiential approach, presenting projects, actual work (not just slides of photographic material showcasing parts of projects and activities), through the eyes of those seriously involved, able to present the sentimental aspect of this involvement, as well.


This personal gathering and introducing ourselves could mark a beginning of an eventful and fruitful, collaboration-wise, year, as DUTH SB IAS Chapter was able to present itself, personally, as a students’ team rather than just a technical group.

by Aristotelis Farmakis