DUTh SBC: DIPLOMA Vol.3: Issue 2


On January 2016 the sixth issue of DIPLOMA (Volume 3, Issue 2) was published. It was a great honor for our chapter to present the first two copies to Dr. Tomy Sebastian, President of IEEE Industry Applications Society and Dr. Peter Magyar, IAS Chapters and Membership Department Chair, who were visiting Xanthi last month.


DIPLOMA has the purpose to inform the readers about the activities of the Chapter, such as educational trips and lectures, international and national conferences that our members attended and some engineering topics.


More specifically, in the Engineering section, there are articles about Modeling and Simulation of an Elevator Drive System, Reengineering Human Body using Nanotechnology, Robotic Application in Medical Science, Human’s Smart Home to Pave the Way to the Home of Future and finally a particular article on Ancient Greek Tragedy, the Cornerstone of Modern theatre that highlighting the ancient Greek civilization.

In the Conferences section, reports about IAS Annual Meeting, which took place in Dallas, Texas, and Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress in Zagreb are included.


Last but not least, the Get Connected section remind us the importance of communication between people and nations to exchange knowledge and experiences. In this issue, we had the chance to host an article from a fairly new chapter, University of Strathclyde Glasgow SB Joint PES/IAS Chapter, and some of the members wrote about the features of their progress.


We would like to thank the people who helped in the process of this magazine and encourage more members to write for something they are interested in.

Report written by
Eleni Mpouloukosta