DUTH SBC: 2016 Frederikos Machinery Academic Visit

DUTH SBC: 2016 Frederikos Machinery Academic Visit

On February 29th, our branch visited the “Freiderikos Tsoumakis S.A.” Machinery. Freiderikos Tsoumakis S.A. was established in Kavala in 1972 by the owner Freiderikos Tsoumakis and is located on the 8th km Kavala- Xanthi. The company initially started as a machinery workshop, but their manufacturing capability soon spread to cover construction, repair and maintenance of industrial units. This machinery employs 45 people, including many experienced engineers and craftsmen with 40 years of experience in construction and industry.

Picture 1

The custom built manufacturing area covers an area of 5000 m2 and contains:

  • the main building for machining processes and construction
  • facilities for the construction of auxiliary parts for the foundry and thermal processes
  • foundry building and soil processing
  • fully equipped quality control laboratory for the foundry
  • carpentry services for the construction of molds for castings
  • building for the construction of automated industrial and garage doors
  • administration office.

Picture 2

Our visit lasted about two hours and the students had the opportunity to see how does an industry works, as one of the engineers working there explained in detail the machinery and the processes followed. Τhe part that caused great impression was the foundry. Attendees watched from near the metal melting process and creation of molds, which probably was a new experience for the most of them.

At the end of the visit, what followed was a conversation with the owner, who gave some advices to the students, as he has many years’ experience situated in the workplace.

Report written by
Eleni Bouloukosta