DUTh SBC: 2016 IAS Xanthi Meeting

Through Jan 7th to 10th, our DUTh IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapter was honored by the visit of Dr. Tomy Sebastian, IAS President Elect for the year 2016 and Dr. Peter Magyar, IAS Chapters and Membership Development Department (CMD) Chair.


Main reason for the visit was the continued involvement of DUTh Students in Society’s ongoing global projects and their undertaking of the development of such. Conversations went great, leading to a fully refreshing, new beginning for the year of 2016, for all of us DUTh Student Members of IEEE IAS. Along with those closed meetings, all DUTh Students interested in getting to know IAS had the chance to personally meet Dr. Sebastian and Dr. Magyar.



On Jan 8th, not only students but anyone interested in general, actually had the chance to be present at our guests’ lectures on “Electrification of Automobiles: Opportunities and Challenges” (Dr. Tomy Sebastian) and “IEEE+IAS+CMD” (Dr. Peter Magyar)”, and then was invited to dine at the open buffet, hosted by IEEE IAS. When our guests’ presentations were over, our SBC’s Board had the honor to announce the latest issue of our DIPLOMA (all-students edited) Magazine, printed with expenses covered by IAS CMD and offered a printed version of it to Dr. Sebastian and Dr. Magyar, while afterwards, attendees even had the chance to witness the reactions of both Dr. Sebastian and Dr. Magyar as the experienced DUTh’s (Electrical Machines Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) all-electric automobile. All this was finally followed by a Chapter Meeting that took place at the University where individuals potentially interested in IEEE IAS were given a chance to use a promotional code and Join IAS, at no cost.


As part of our guests’ welcoming and apart from the lunches and dinners in famous traditional Greek cuisine, DUTh SBC arranged that they would be assisted to visit a famous Christian Orthodox Monastery (Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary the Archangel (Xanthi) – Ιερά Μονή Παναγίας Αρχαγγελιώτισσας (Ξάνθη)), one they had heard about beforehand, one that has survived through the ages and even got a brief tour by the monk responsible for it.