DUTh SBC: Lecture on “Entrepreneurship: Start Ups and Innovation”


A lecture on “Entrepreneurship: Start Ups and Innovation” was organized by DUTh SB IAS Chapter, on Wednesday March 23rd at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh).

Christos Papadakis, the main speaker of this event, is an alumnus of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of DUTh, has a MSc on Electrical Power Systems and Renewable Sources Engineering and he is also co-founder of “Lioncode Web and Mobile Solutions” and “I-Local”. Furthermore, Christos Papadakis holds an MBA from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology.


The speech was in the form of interactive lecture, where the participants could place their questions when they deemed necessary. The main topics of the lecture was the importance of the team and trust between you and your partners, in order to create a Start Up and the risks and difficulties you are going to face according to the current markets and of course the country you live.

Mr. Papadakis highlighted the importance of funding your Start Up and emphasized in the risks you have to take, so your investors back you up. He stated that you should be very careful choosing your backers and investors or you could lose control of your own company.


In the end of the speech, there was the Q & A part where Christos Papadakis answered questions about his decision making as co-founder of two Start Ups and his personal opinion about starting a company in Greece.

The lecture ended with success, as both organizers and the audience were pleased from the outcome of this effort.

Report written by
Konstantinos Papatheologou